The Hunter Biden Saga

     Yes, it’s been going on for quite a while now. Many are asking whether it’s genuinely important or one of the Establishment’s diversions. I’m no longer sure. But of this I am certain: developments are telling us in the plainest possible manner that the American ideal of classlessness has been overthrown. There is now an American aristocracy, and it appears to be as hereditary as the monarchies of medieval Europe.

     Lawyer and activist Kash Patel deposeth and sayeth:

     This underscores the sweetheart-of-all-sweethearts deal Justice has made with Hunter Biden. As a former Justice Department employee, Patel would have a closer view of such things than an outsider like myself. But I will add this: were Hunter Biden’s name and lineage removed from the chronicle of his misdeeds, would we not be justified in terming their perpetrator a career criminal?

     When your prosecutors are the persons most determined to see to it that you “get off,” you’re well protected from legal hazard. Why, you might even say you’re privileged. And once again I am moved to cite a piece of fiction, though not one of mine:

     “Mr. Brooks has been removed as your court-appointed attorney. He was unable and unwilling to continue to represent you. My name is Dennis Howard. I’ve reviewed all the recordings of your conversations with Mr. Brooks.”
     “Then you are aware I didn’t accept him as my attorney. You may assume I regard you the same. Just the fact that there are recordings shows how farcical this whole matter is.”
     “I hear your objection, but the fact is I am charged with developing your defense if not directly representing you in court. I’ll be doing that even over your objections.”
     “Well if you are preparing a defense, they must at least have a judge who is going to hear my case,” Irwin deduced.
     “Not exactly,” Howard hedged. “They are still having trouble finding someone who will sit for the case, and I’m more in a caretaker position collecting the evidence piling up and keeping it organized so when you do have new official counsel appointed I can assist him in discovery without any delay for him to become familiar with the case.”
     “Then who do you work for?” Irwin asked, puzzled.
     “I’m on detached duty from the Federal prosecutor’s office,” Howard revealed.
     Irwin started laughing and proceeded to completely lose control, hooting, and snorting.
     Howard just let him go, grim-faced, seeing it was pointless to try to interrupt his fit until he ran down on his own.
     “Detached? That is priceless,” Irwin finally said, wiping the tears from his eyes. “You couldn’t make this stuff up. My defense is being assembled by the prosecution? What could possibly go wrong?”

     [Mackey Chandler, All in Good Time ]

     Compare, contrast…and laugh until the tears come, for they surely will.

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  1. There is now an American aristocracy, and it appears to be as hereditary as the monarchies of medieval Europe.

    At least the old aristocrats claimed to nobility, bestowed on ancestors as reward for services to crown and country. It is truly distressing trying to fathom to whom or what our contemporaries provide service. Indeed, one should fear discovering how deeply evil can penetrate a human soul.

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