This news item “Adam Kinzinger, House Republican Who Served on Jan. 6 Committee, Lands Job at CNN After Retiring” reminded me why I could never abide the easier to recognize but poor choice for a pejorative that is Republican In Name Only.

For one thing, a RINO is still a republican, just not a constitutional one. He works at the behest of the principals who fund him, not for the principles of, and in defense of the constitution that protects, those he allegedly represents.

RINO, because of rhinos, has too many pleasing attributes for it to be a proper derogatory term. Statist Knowingly Undermining National Charters is not only specifically pejorative, it describes the species internationally. And for those who rightly see a problem with the creation and funding of the UN, SKUNC simultaneously means Stooge Kneeling to United Nations Controllers — a bastard’s dream of an organization designed to undermine the sovereignty of every nation on Earth.

Please see and spread the insight as to why it is proper and better to refer to renegade Republicans as SKUNCs. The stink from this one is particularly noticeable.

I will rest much easier when I see more cartoons of skunks with the coward’s yellow stripe down their back (rather than the tough, thick-skinned and dangerous rhinos) begin to proliferate.

I may be dreaming, but you, given a better alternative for showing your displeasure of rotten Republicans, can help make my dream a reality. Thank you.

Statist Knowingly Undermining National Charters
Stooge Kneeling to UN Controllers