On The Reason Progs Favor Border Invaders

“…as the wetback problem was never about humanitarian concerns but about the accumulation of power via the fraudulent votes of the invaders….” — AoS coblogger CBD

The reason I’m calling attention to this is I am hoping to prevent others from also carelessly parroting what I consider a red-herring. Heck, some of those migrants are more astute than some American citizens I know.

C’mon. Illegal voters is the lesser concern. The real danger to election integrity are the various vote counting machinations, now systemic, and the apparent coercion on courts to dismiss cases challenging them.

How many times must other Stalinist tactics be pointed out before we insist on an Untouchables to drive out the principals implied in Stalin’s infamous boast: “It’s not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes.”

It simply rankled me to see CBD repeating one of the Establishment cover stories so blindly. Is there a significant number of readers who agree with me? I hope so. When you see something that smells at all like how that stinks to me, you should call it out too.


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  1. I intended to add the myriad other reasons for favoring border invasions, as the title indicates. Such as cheap labor, child trafficking, chaos to remote communities, and govt getting away with disavowing their obligations under the social contract with its citizens.

    However, the reason for starting this post was the careless buying into the buzz about migrant voters being a major issue because it is so emblematic of the effectiveness of the way TPTB use social engineering to overwhelm our thoughts.

    How that works is the topic of another post that has been languishing in draft for 5 months. I fear it is too technical on the one hand, and OTOH implies that we are seemingly powerless to defeat it. I do not wish to add to your fears. I’m searching for a way to serve it up as an “AH HA — that’s what needs to be done!” I’m not there yet.

      “[Fed] govt getting away with disavowing their [its] obligations under the social contract with its citizens.”

    • Dan on January 9, 2023 at 12:00 AM

    Another reason the criminals in power want to import tons of brown people is to replace white people with them.  White people have an annoying tendency to occasionally think for themselves and become difficult to rule.  Solution….get rid of the white people and get brown ones who are less likely to pose a threat to your grasp on power. 

    1. While the advances in both liberty and prosperity are deservedly recognized as having sprung from those who are white, the tendency to being amenable to expert opinion and those who’ve been successful in business also seems to be contributing to their downfall.

      The large number of historical items Fran has published that exposes those who promoted tyranny are almost solely the creation of white men working for the “Progressive” movement. And the Progressive movement was almost completely funded by very wealthy white men who dreamed of becoming the founders of a future global aristocracy. Progress to them is the regression of the human race back into bondage akin to that of the serfs. And it has been done with a drive common among religious fanatics due to their strongest belief: that Thomas Malthus has eventually got to be right unless someone with power does something that the vast numbers would not do by themselves. That belief gives them a clear conscience. That’s the benefit of a having a warped morality.

      So our battle is not with those of non-white skin, but with very privileged whites who have a religious zeal to see dead all they deem non-essential.

    • Dusty on January 9, 2023 at 1:55 AM

    I agree with your take on this matter. It seems gaslighting is the thing of the day. Keep the encouragement coming.

    1. Thank you. It’s comforting to know I have some company in recognizing the way those in power seek to control how we view things wrongly.

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