Most people who study physics at any level know the Inclined Plane as the first machine of their acquaintance. It’s the simplest machine I know of. It serves admirably to illustrate the fundamental nature and purpose of a machine: to make some human undertaking easier than it would otherwise be. The illustration commonly presented to the schoolboy is of the elevation of a heavy object. The inclined plane reduces the force required to lift such an object, though it increases the distance traveled, and in some cases the total work done.

     In other applications, the inclined plane is called a wedge. The wedge is used to start or widen a gap in something, for example a large block of wood. Once again, the point is the reduction of the force required, though the time required to achieve a gap of the desired size will be greater.

     There are legal and political wedges, too. We call them “wedge issues.” They’re used to create a hole in individuals’ rights, particularly our rights to be left alone, to travel freely, and to preserve our bodily integrity.

     The wedge issue on my mind today is “public health.”

     Does anyone in the Liberty’s Torch audience know what that phrase actually means? The conventional understanding is approximately this:

     [T]he science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private, communities and individuals.

     That’s exceptionally vague, on the order of “reasonable and proper.” Yet it’s been used to infringe on Americans’ rights several times. It’s being used that way now.

     Disease, if I may, cannot be “prevented.” It can be defined and thereafter detected. In some cases, its spread can be retarded or prevented. In other cases, once detected it can be cured. In many cases, neither of those things is possible; consider the common cold.

     When a communicable disease poses a serious risk of killing or crippling the sufferer, we readily accede to governmental measures designed to prevent its transmission. Fear for one’s life is a great motivator. The lethal communicable diseases of that time – cholera, diphtheria, tuberculosis and the like — provided the entering wedge for the “public health” organizations that first sprang up in 1866 and since then have multiplied like bacteria. Americans in cities stricken by such diseases allowed incursions on their Constitutionally guaranteed rights. No doubt it seemed like a good idea at the time.

     Over the decades since then, public-health “authorities” have used ever less threatening diseases to perform such incursions. The Kung Flu / Chinese Lung Rot / Covid-19 is the latest and least threatening of the series. Its foremost promoter – should a disease have a promoters? – is the notorious Anthony Fauci. He has made his intentions clearer than clear:

     In another one of his infamous corporate media talking head moments, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that baseless mandates for masks and vaccines are more important than Americans’ constitutional rights.

     “I’m sorry, I mean I know people must like to have their individual freedom and not be told to do something, but I think we’re in such a serious situation now that under certain circumstances, mandates should be done,” Fauci said.

     Fauci’s “I’m sorry” rings hollow. This is a man who glories in public attention and adulation, and who has persistently pressed for greater exertions of power on his say-so. Considering the absurdly low lethality of the Wuhan Terror, no other explanation for his authoritarianism holds water. Given that the lethality of the “vaccines” is comparable to that of the virus, the only difference between them is that you have to acquire one of them intentionally, by appointment.

     The highly deadly communicable diseases of the 19th and early 20th Centuries were an entering wedge for medical authoritarianism. What we’ve endured these past eighteen months over a disease no more threatening than common influenza – which the most commonly used test misidentifies as Covid-19! – is the fruit of that poisonous tree. And Americans, cowed by the phrase “public health” and the looming frowns of innumerable fear-mongering politicians, have accepted it.

     Government mandates? Accept the “vaccine” or be forever unemployable? Really, “Dr.” Fauci? For that verdict, I shall yield the floor to Mike Hendrix:

     This pig-ignorant little Nazi, remember, has held a powerful and remunerative position in the federal government for his entire career, since 1968. The poisonous dwarf has “served” under five Presidents—two Democrat-Socialist, three Repugnican. And in his view, the mandate of freedom and individual self-determination upon which this nation was founded can be flippantly discarded with no more than a casual wave of his mighty hand, the US Constitution be damned. He knows virtually nothing of the most fundamental American ideals, and cares about them even less….

     And some long-ago chair-warmer in goobermint actually thought it would be a good idea to hire this cretinous cur? SRSLY? Worse yet, nobody since—not even Trump—ever saw him for what he really is and righteously shitcanned his sorry ass? I repeat: the mind, it reels.

     Where’s your musket, Gentle Reader? Got powder and ball handy? You’re going to need them.


    • SteveF on August 15, 2021 at 6:33 AM

    I’m sorry, I mean I know people must like to have their individual freedom and not be told to do something, but I think we’re in such a serious situation now that under certain circumstances, mandates should be done,

    General rule: Everything before “but” can be ignored and is probably a lie. “I support the right to free speech but…” “I’m sorry but…”


    1. A highly reliable rule!

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