Are you ready to shoot them yet?

If you have kids, and if the government/medical quacks/petty tyrants are demanding that your kids get the jab, what are you going to do? Especially given what we know from the past, and what we’re constantly learning?

Berenson’s report is based on a peer-reviewed study of the effects of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines on the immune systems of children. The study focused on the Pfizer vaccine in particular.The results were troubling. Quite troubling, actually.

What the research found in their small cohort of participants is that children who were administered the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine saw their immune response to bacteria and viruses drop dramatically, and while the response to bacteria rebounded after 6 months, the response to viruses had not yet rebounded by the end of the study at 6 months.

Not only does the jab NOT protect you from the Kung Flu, but it hurts your body’s ability to defend itself against other viruses.

Oh, and this crap was MANDATED BY THE GOVERNMENT.

Now you and I know that there won’t be any more studies. Nothing that can hurt the narrative shall be permitted by the corrupt, evil tyrants that infest our government. Just like when the pharma companies found out that their jab was causing miscarriages and stillbirths, they didn’t bother to find out the cause they just stopped counting the numbers. There can’t be any bad information in the news if you don’t report it in the first place, right? This is what happens when you don’t stop evil the first time around. The sadistic evil gnome Fauci should have been hung from a lamp-post years ago, and yet he’s still walking around breathing and lying his ass off as usual, although he’s finally getting paid less to do so. The mask mandates, who have been proven to be detrimental in every aspect, are being pushed once again by the same tyrannical fraudsters who pushed it the first time. Drooling Joe the Chinese Hand Puppet mumbled incoherently about some new vaccine that he was going to force everyone to get this time around. It’s the same game played by the same people. That includes the same rhetoric. How long until some politician in a white coat demands once again that you allow a needle filled with God-knows-what to be jammed into your child’s arm?

Every promise made to push the jab was a lie. Every claim about it’s safety was a lie. Every claim about it’s efficacy was a lie. Every claim about the risk that the Kung Flu presented was a lie. And now the government is back pushing the same lies.

Act accordingly.


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    • gl on September 1, 2023 at 11:33 AM

    Dr. friend was asked about the new covid shot. Last time, per the stat’s, have shown that  more people died had had the shot. People who also got the shots were more likely to get covid. They haven’t been able to compile the stat’s for the deaths yet but that’s not looking good. Daughter got all the shot and had covid 4 times. I had no shot and never had a sniffle.

    • Nolan Parker on September 1, 2023 at 12:09 PM

    It’s been a long incremental spiral down. The constant pressure layer on the People, reading Their words, telling us what they intend to do, coupled with All of those Unintended Consequences that were Not unforeseeable and start looking more like goals than anything else. The Georgia Guidestones were damaged. Perp can’t be found. I wonder if He is the guy who put the pipe bomb by a building, was it J5?J6?Whatever, they just destroyed the Guidestones. Understand that Word,Guide stones.. As in The Plan. Did they not Want to preserve them? The place could have been made safe. No discussion. Just Gone. 
    My Dr. told me that They have ethics. They tell us what they are going to do and if we don’t stop them, they figure We had it coming. 
    Weighing and measuring the hearts of the people who make up They can’t be done by people who don’t want power over others. They don’t mind starving people,I know that because They destroyed the world’s largest irrigation system. Somehow the People, by and large, just accepted it as part of the price for Freeing those people from that Dangerous Dictator, according to Them, but reading about life in that country. Names are escaping me, sorry.
    When a decision is made that just looks nonsensical,
    if it’s not making sense to you
    It’s probably making Tons of Cents 
    for    Them.
    Sorry for the rant. It’s been bubbling just below the surface and I probably didn’t say anything the people who come here.
    Way to old and decrepit to actually even Go somewhere, much less do something.

    1. My Dr. told me that They have ethics. They tell us what they are going to do and if we don’t stop them, they figure We had it coming.

      He told you his opinion. I have to agree. I was informed of the plan both directly, with laughter, and indirectly in the early 1070s. The latter simply by the number of creepy proponents who have been permitted to rise and become leaders in bio-ethics (e.g., Peter Singer) and academia (e.g., Eric Pianka.)

      As for the Guidestones, I always figured that media mogul Ted Turner was behind those. Why he chose to have it destroyed now that its agenda (and his ilk’s) is taken for granted by a larger number of people than ever before is open for speculation.

    2. A late afterthought is that I may have agreed with your doctor a bit too quickly.
      I really don’t like thinking of our enemy has having ethics, as their version is apt to be to ethics as social justice is to justice.

      To understand them best, assume they are following Lenin’s advice. Paraphrasing from memory: ‘Probe as with a bayonet. Where you hit steel, withdraw. Where you hit mush, push through.’

      In one sense both observations provide a clue to the solution to their aggression: Resist.

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