The Vilest Slanders

     He who dares to tell the exact truth about some popular fraud will always be reviled: as a hysteric, a liar, a troublemaker, perhaps as a fraudster himself. The reason is simple: people prefer comforting lies to upsetting truths. They don’t want their illusions shattered. They will cling to those illusions even as the disaster that reliably follows pervasive self-deceit looms above them, moments before it crushes them.

     If you aspire to be a speaker of truth, remember this. Not to do so will imperil your sanity, your health, and possibly your life.

     The worst slanders are both vicious and intimately personal. They attack the whole person: motives, methods, history, associations, and current course. Yet they are also a sound guide to where your attention should go. Mind you, that’s not the same as saying that the slandered one is correct on all counts. But if he’s agitating the barons of the status quo into aiming their biggest guns at him, listening to him is imperative. It’s always vital to know what upsets those who hold the levers of power in our society.

     I expect that Tucker Carlson will soon be the target of such slanders. Since his departure from FOX News, he’s dared to speak the unspeakable: about war, about several recent controversies, and about major figures in the political elite. The elite want him silenced, but to this point they’ve been unable to do so. To attack his credibility by attacking his motives, methods, and character must come very soon.

     Mike Miles has found a short video clip of Carlson talking about some recent revelations and allegations about Barack Obama. Please watch it, not because every assertion in it is provably true, but because of the likely reaction from the Left. They already hate him; this will move his name to the top of their target list.

     Just a quick thought before Mass.