It’s Plain And Open Now…

     By now you’ve heard about the Project Veritas capture of a Director of Pfizer, Jordon Walker, talking about how his employer might perform a “directed evolution of the COVID-19 virus so it can devise new vaccines for the variants. Here’s the video:

     Here’s James O’Keefe himself to tell you why YouTube is suppressing that video:

     It’s always been something of an “open secret” that Google and YouTube censor those emissions they disfavor for political reasons. Now it’s right out in front of God and everybody, as blatant as a fart in a cathedral. Decide for yourself what that means to you, Gentle Reader. I shan’t insult your intelligence by explicating it for you.

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  1. Project Veritas and some of the larger blogs are the only journalism that isn’t government sponsored propaganda at this moment.

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