We were right, they were wrong

And there’s still not even a hint of an apology coming our way, so they can fuck right off and die screaming.

Ironically, the CDC’s new guidance from March 1 not only recommends good hygiene and vaccination (despite evidence of the COVID vaccine’s serious risks), it recommends “cleaner air” and “gathering outdoors.” Do you remember how many people obediently stayed locked inside or took their walks with masks on during the height of COVID thanks to scare tactics from government agencies such as the CDC? Turns out the age-old tactic of getting fresh air and washing your hands really is the best protection against COVID-19.

Almost every recommendation given by the so-called “experts” was wrong. That level of wrongness cannot be ascribed to mere ignorance, it can only happen through malice. People were forced inside their homes. People were arrested for going outside. Lives were shut down. Businesses shuttered, many for good. And now, four years later, the CDC quietly updates their guidance to include going outdoors and getting fresh air.

Rope. Lamp-post. “Expert”. Some assembly required, and were I a betting man I would say that there are no few people who would volunteer to do the assembling. For free.


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    • Mike in Canada on March 2, 2024 at 7:40 PM

    I completely agree with your prognosis and preferred remedy going forward. I just wish people would make up their f**king minds. 
    The solutions are obvious. We are at that point now, since the courts are of no use and the media lie to us for money, our elected officials are in on it and have been from the beginning, and the various concerned industries exist for the sole purpose of making as much money as humanly possible irrespective of the harm and suffering they cause in the course of same.
    I say again, the solutions are obvious. Identify those solutions by name, and now you’re an extremist and possibly a danger to those around you (and here in Canada, a reply such as this will soon become grounds for life imprisonment), because we can’t have real discussions now, can we?
    Instead, everyone wrings their hands and focuses on the next election as the means by which those who are clearly trying to kill us (and by this, I mean they are systematically and inexorably making it more and more difficult to reach our allotted three-score-and-ten in good health, rather than lining us up and administering two to the back of each head) shall be finally brought to heel. 
    That, surely, will show them.
    I wonder what it will take before the people are finally confronted by the reality of what this is going to involve, if history provides any kind of yardstick by which to measure.

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    • cantspellit on March 2, 2024 at 9:16 PM

    may i humbly suggest piano wire, from the lower octaves of course.

    • Joe Roberts on March 3, 2024 at 11:42 AM

    I like the way you guys think! Truth is, I believe just a very few such instances of ‘street justice’ or whatever people want to call it, is not a bad thing. Let’s be blunt: I’d bet more Americans are in favor of seeing the evil rodent fauci hung by his neck than not. To that I will add: it is my hope that, following the first few instances of justice meted out by the victimes, that the floodgates will open and we – our society – will be the better for it. As noted elsewhere on this blog, the famous San Francisco Vigilance Committees of the mid 1800s had a pretty darn good track record. The problem is that most don’t want to be the first to stand up and say, “I have a rope …”. Once the initial inertia is overcome, we could see great things happening.

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