Some recent stories are enough to enrage a saint:

     …and I’m no saint.

     I never expected to see anything like the degree of malice and arrogant self-protection exhibited by “our” “government” concerning the dangerous pseudo-vaccines for COVID-19. Nevertheless, it fits the character of the locusts who’ve swarmed into it. Owing to their positions and their anonymity, there is no compelling them, and no trusting them. They are the lowest of the low.

     This is the dynamic of power in a font too large and too bold to be denied or ignored. Further comment is unnecessary. (If you believe otherwise, see your brain-care specialist at once.)


    • Ronald Ward on October 14, 2023 at 8:23 AM

    I’m not going to argue the effectiveness or dangers of COVID vaccines but I’ll reiterate something I’ve been saying since the dawn of the pandemic: when you mix politics with science, you get politics.

    Historically, military personnel had no options as the military had the discretion to mandate vaccines they deemed necessary for their health and readiness. This authority is rooted in the military’s responsibility to maintain force readiness and protect the health of its members. So I would argue that mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies in the military would be in line with that tradition.

  1. Sorry, but no. The vaccine was not FDA approved. Lloyd Austin, that lying pathetic piece of shit who is a disgrace to the uniform and the military service, LIED and said that since the FDA approved Comernity and the Pfizer shot was “chemically identical” to Comernity then all servicemembers were required to get the jab. It was a blatant falsehood that forced people to get an unapproved clot-shot. The clot-shot mandate was NOT in line with any sort of real military policy, as the vaccines that servicemenbers are required to take have been approved for decades, other than the Anthrax vaccine. And the anthrax shot was fucking people up in a big way, which forced the military to temporarily shop the shot until they could find one that didn’t cause some people’s cartilage to disintegrate.

    I think that Lloyd Austin should be hung from the neck for imposing the Covid jab mandate, for the damage he did to servicemembers like the young sailor referenced above, and for the multiple other vaccine injuries that have occurred.

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