Let There Be No Mistake

     I stand with Israel. Faiths don’t matter. Locale doesn’t matter. This is a war between civilization and Seventh-Century barbarism. Israel is civilization. Work out the rest for yourself, if you must.

     And now we have proof:

     A member of the Palestine Scholars Association in the Diaspora, Mahmoud Al-Shajrawi, is on video boasting about a new “fatwa” issued by his organization that allows the murders of Israelis “wherever they may be.”

     The stunning claim was captured by the Middle East Media Research Institute:

     Dr. Mahmoud Al-Shajrawi of the Palestine Scholars Association in the Diaspora: A “Wonderful” New Fatwa Permits Killing Israelis Wherever They May Be – in Palestine, Israel, or Abroad

     That organization explained, “Mahmoud Al-Shajrawi of the Palestine Scholars Association in the Diaspora said on an October 9, 2023 show on Al-Quds Al-Youm TV (Palestinian Islamic Jihad – Gaza) that his organization issued a ‘wonderful’ fatwa stating that it is permissible to kill Israelis wherever they may be, whether it is in the West Bank, within Israel’s 1948 border, or in the Arab countries that have normalized relations with Israel.”

     His comments, translated, were, “A wonderful fatwa was issued by the Palestine Scholars Association in the Diaspora yesterday. The fatwa permits killing Israelis wherever they may be – in Palestine, in the West Bank, inside the 1948 [borders], or outside Palestine, even in [Arab] countries that normalized their relations [with Israel], that a large number of so-called ‘Israeli tourists’ visit. Most of them are soldiers or conscripts in the occupation army, and when they return [to Israel], they take part in killing us and our sons.”

     Do you understand, Gentle Reader? How about you, Chicolini? Well, do you?

     They have made their aims perfectly clear. It’s time to show them exactly what that will get them: death, in wholesale quantities.

     If civilization is to survive, there can be no compromise with savages – nor with anyone who takes their side. Ponder well.


    • Chicolini on October 14, 2023 at 7:48 AM

    Hey! I’ve hit the big time. A mention in one of Francis’ columns. I disagree with your assertion that Israel, a country that prides itself on being the gayest nation in the Middle East, has legal sex trafficking, and serves as a refuge and hub for every jewish sex criminal, financial swindler and treasonous spy in the world, represents “civilization”. I understand that when a powerless, displaced people that uses violent rhetoric and actual violence against their oppressors many people consider it “barbarous” but when a nation that receives the unlimited financial and military backing of ZOG forces a people off their land and into ever shrinking concentration camps and uses snipers, tanks and fighter bombers  against kids throwing rocks it’s considered the acme of “civilization”. It’s pharasaical when the jews, whose stock in trade is milking a purported genocide nearly a century ago, call for extermination of those who oppose them. Christ recognized this when he called the jews “hypocrites”.

    Francis, don’t take this personally. I respect you and your column is the first thing, after the local news, weather, and gold price , I read  every morning. You and I are contemporaries and have witnessed the same world events  and my interpretation of those events are similar to yours. But I disagree in this case .


    1. You’re free to disagree, Chic, but I’m afraid you’ve been completely misled. Let it rest there.

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