More Likely Than Not?

     One of the enduring characteristics of the Leftist is that he refuses to accept the responsibility for anything that goes wrong. This is utterly evident in matters of public policy, but it’s also visible as regards personal decisions. Two graphics – one intended as black humor; the other a fake headline – illustrate the point:

     The first graphic expresses a truth of the current controversy about the COVID-19 vaccines. The second graphic is a brilliant tongue-in-cheek prediction of what will happen when the Left is finally compelled to notice the elephant in the first one. If the Left can blame the tidal wave of vaccine-induced maladies on us in the Right, it’s likely to do so.

     This is the conclusion of a fairly simple syllogism:

  1. As the Left cannot admit to being wrong about anything, whatever goes wrong must be the Right’s fault.
  2. It appears the Left was wrong about the COVID-19 vaccines.
  3. Therefore it must be the Right’s fault.

     Why mention this in pixels? Because getting this prediction into general circulation reduces the probability that it will come true. It’s anticipatory derision — laughter now for what may come in the near future – and like Satan, the Left absolutely hates to be laughed at. This has two virtues:

  • First, it’s good for us in the Right to take amusement from something so ludicrous;
  • Second, it increases the probability that the Left will admit to having been wrong.

     Now, not everyone who aggressively evangelized the vaccines is on the political Left. Donald Trump certainly isn’t. But a good many of the “Thou shalt get the Jab or be forever shunned” crowd are also on the Left. Leftists are the sort of people most likely to say “If we think it’s good, then it should be compulsory.” (And the inverse, of course.)

     So I suggest spreading this one around. Do it in a good-humored way. Don’t get into long arguments over whether trusting the experts about COVID-19, the vaccines, or both was justifiable on any grounds. Just put it out there and let it make the rounds.

     I expect we’ll get a fair amount of mileage out of it.


    • NITZAKHON on January 28, 2023 at 8:28 AM

    I have been predicting, for some time, that as the damage wrought by The Jab becomes plainer and plainer, the Covidians will turn on us.  You see, they were smarter and more educated and sciencier and everything in their enthusiasm for The Jab.  And now we unwashed deplorables are being proven right in our skepticism, and they can now see the lit fuse on their lifespan.
    Channeling Sowell:

    “People will forgive you for being wrong, but they will never forgive you for being right—especially if events prove you right while proving them wrong.”

    Especially when proving them wrong means that they’re NOT the anointed intellectual suuuuupergeniuses they thought they were.

    1. I’m beginning to understand why false prophets were condemned to death. Looks like you see they did too: “the lit fuse on their lifespans.”

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