A Minor Insight That Could Inspire A Solution

I get a variety of emails. The headlines are often clickbait. This morning was I was offered this: America’s Top Enemy Suffers Devastating Blow – New Report Has Biden Weeping.

It worked. I was curious who they meant. As I began reading I wasn’t impressed, so I began scanning. I didn’t see them actually name the headliner. Perhaps I missed it.

But that’s has nothing to do with the point I wish to make.

The insight began with the very first person I thought of who fit that description, and for whom I wished it were true. That was Obama. I do not really believe I need to explain to readers of Liberty’s Torch why he was my candidate instantly.

And even Obama is not the true power. We all witnessed how he has almost never spoken well impromptu or even without his teleprompter. The true powers are his handlers and those who control the handlers. His handlers were all more visible during his reigning years. All of them became far more cautious during what were called — though only briefly — his “shadow government” years: 2017-21.

Now they are handling Biden. They feel so much more free to do the damage they’re doing with him to take the heat. Every thing good for their goals or bad for America under him is due to them and not the man we see. They are performing the role laid out by Plato as taught by the ancient Sophists: shun the spotlight as that is for your servants.

Well, I have one idea on how this insight can help us patriotic Americans: each rule has a use-by-date.

Ancient Athens did not last that long under their tyranny. But we can see that means of rule moved on throughout the Western timeline whenever there was power to be taken without open warfare from what was currently in power.

Yes there were warlords in times that were more anarchal. And that inevitably lead to the solution of a kingdom or other major despotry. And every once in a while there was a benign despot or two. But the powers that be are no longer benign in the sense that anyone who values human life would recognize. It’s so obvious that Fran and I are no longer the only ones who repeated mention the Death Cult. And TPTB now seem to have thoroughly embraced Machiavelli’s “It’s nice to be loved, but it is best to be feared.” That’s what has been going on heavy-handedly since Jan 6 2021. And they intend for everyone to notice, including their violent thugs and other myrmidons who will occasionally be reminded of their own vulnerability.

Anything this rotten cannot last for long. Whatever has driven the Progressive Movement is so decayed that its bursting from its own hubris and fear. They know how to gain power, but they don’t know how to build, operate and repair all that tech which they use against us.

The Progs did it to themselves. The Cloward=Piven Strategy is a double edged sword. It aims to eliminate as much as they can that works, especially education that feeds the human spark that has propelled us at unprecedented speed since the Age of Reason. All to shorten the lives of billions of people, because they believe Malthus has got to be right eventually.

The sad thing is so many people are affected by the awesomeness of their tech — remember shock and awe from Gulf War — that I am almost certain the inclination to lay low until it all runs down is shared by most decent men.

But they are themselves men. They too must be fearful to an extent that I can’t begin to quantify other than the fact that the shrieking of the useful idiots provides us a reflections.

This suggests something I have felt in my gut for many years but it did not transfer to my brain well enough to express, or even to propel me to write out my thoughts in this direction. They still can be reached on a human level. No, not the psychopaths that are their servants. Because there does not appear to be a Mr. Big on the global scene, at least not yet, the individuals who are significant behind the scenes can be appealed to on a human level, even when we don’t know their names. They have ears everywhere.

Let me begin the message and hope others feel some inspiration.

To the powers that be: The Progressive dream is falling apart. All that will remain is chaos and short-lived anarchy. You who believe yourselves to be so brilliant, is that really what you want as your legacy? Have the psychos you’ve had around you so badly warped your senses? Have your own depravities, from which you harvest fewer and fewer thrills and delights, forgotten that you started out intending to make a real and good difference to the world?

Stop lying. Stop lying to yourself. Listen to a nobody who sees value everywhere. Even in the dumbest human being. He finds delight in living now and then. Maybe even more often than you nowadays — and without all the baggage. Are you really going to be resentful of the dumber because they are sometimes more happy than you? Are you that small?

Just go back to basic Western principles, and simply assume what so many others in lower station than you accept on faith. That there is order in the universe. That that provides considerable evidence that there is a God. Be content with what He or circumstance or your own innate abilities have provided you and do good with it.

Gently apply brakes to your progressive destruction. The reorder that comes with that will deal with the psychos, restrain them, and maybe even heal a few. You and — if you can comprehend the notion — your soul will be happy with what comes of it.


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    • Waidmann on April 5, 2024 at 9:38 AM

    “The Progressive dream is falling apart.”
    The Progressive Dream fell apart during and immediately following the French Revolution.  Anyone who doesn’t realize that yet isn’t going to.  Progs have an amazing streak of optimism in them.   It’s in their genes.  They believe that since we (humanity) are “Progressing” from our barbaric beginnings towards our inexorable utopian destination, we can expect a few setbacks along the way.  Each iteration is higher than the previous.  Like Bullwinkle used to say, ” This time for sure!”

    1. ” This time for sure!”

      I’ve got a different kind of optimism than them, and apparently more than you. It’s the fact that the speed at which the cliff is approaching is more apparent to everyone than ever before, including the self-assessed geniuses. Nemesis is inside them right now and no telling what will break out when it matures.

    • Drumwaster on April 5, 2024 at 1:45 PM

    fwiw, I think that Supreme Court decisions should also have a sunset date, depending totally upon the vote of the Justices.
    A 5-4 decision should be up for readjudication after 5 years (Justices get replaced about that often, on average).
    A 6-3 is open after ten years.
    A 7-2 is good for twenty, an 8-1 for 30 and any unanimous decision is safe for 50.
    If the court refuses to accept Cert on any resubmitted arguments, that means that the petitioning party couldn’t even get four to accept it, so it stands for at least another five years. This, and a re-dedication to the Tenth Amendment, will eliminate any more top down enforcement of social policy from unelected lifelong appointed positions (like Obergefell did when it overrode more than thirty State Constitutions that defined marriage).

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. Yours is a solution for another era.

      At this point we don’t know how many justices have handles in the grip of TPTB. Members of the latter must feel a need to change course before they take us all over the metaphorical cliff.

      It’s tough to get the common man to admit errors. Imagine what it takes to get the powerful to do so. This is, in my mind, why we’ve begun to see lese majeste being enforced. The worst of them don’t want the better of them to hear our pleas or any thoughts about the foolishness of sticking to the Prog agenda.

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