Western Values Too Easily Undermined. How? Why?

The retired Kiwi physician and regular contributor at Crusader Rabbit (CR) who identifies as mawm, brought to our attention the following observation made by Joel Smalley:

“and it’s everywhere. can you seriously tell me you have not noticed the astonishing lack of not just competence, but even of the basic knowledge of how literally anything works that has become so globally endemic?”

Readers who’d like to see where that thought leads are encouraged to follow this link http://falfn.com/CrusaderRabbit/?p=36555#comment-116680.

I read it and its links and was inspired to write a lengthy comment that follows that link.

I will repeat here my concluding opinion. If you too can come to the same conclusion (please read it all if you have doubts) you may find it provides a way to enter into discussion with people who’ve recently been affected by circumstances but have resisted the Red Pill. Even people who have no clue what our Curmudgeon could mean by “When Tyranny Is No Longer In Dispute.”

The most important observation of the whole piece is that the stupid have been deliberately selected for positions of authority. What was not explicitly stated is that doing so is the equivalent of throwing a monkey wrench into smoothly working gears.

In order to destroy the West, destroying the meritocracy that made it work, especially in America, is what the Progs (death cult) aim for. It is the technical assault that aids Cloward-Piven.

Aside About The Red Pill.

It is significant that this item was brought to our attention by mawm. Of the regulars at CR, only three of us have regularly brought in evidence of Death Cult activities. Mawm had long been resistant to the notion of death cultists being close to positions of authority. (Many readers of Liberty’s Torch were in that camp for quite some time, and may even still be.)

I’m guessing it rubbed mawm the wrong way professionally. But he quickly saw through the BS Covid responses and official pronouncements, especially in NZ, and it appalled and angered him. So all the previous evidence fell into place? Well, I attribute the end of his resistance to that.


    • Dan on September 25, 2022 at 1:17 AM

    Incompetent people aren’t likely to rock the boat.  They’ll just follow their orders and get richer.
    The people ACTUALLY making most of the decisions and handing out marching orders are
    not ELECTED,  not  ACCOUNTABLE under our laws and for the most part ANONYMOUS.
    And that’s the way they want things.   

    1. I agree with all you observed. The hidden authorities stick to the key rule taught by the ancient Sophists. Subjects see only their shadows.

      But technology requires the knowledgeable to keep it running. Their scheme to rule a pristine world will fall apart because lies cannot sustain it. Sorry Orwell, but an all knowing inner party does not exist, can’t ever. Men plan. God laughs.

    • Phil on September 27, 2022 at 5:55 PM

    Us old curmudgeons stand to make a lot of money on the side in the future fixing stupid easy stuff that no one under 30 has the slightest inkling how to do.
    Besides not knowing how, they don’t have any tools either.
    As to the notion above, there are some primo examples of people being put into positions of authority over things they have no business being anywhere near.
    Pete Buttigeg anyone?
    Or how about that sexy thang in charge of our nuclear waste?
    One of these days real soon, the incompetence of one of these little darlings is going to kill a bunch of people.

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