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WTF Department

     As one of my favorite lapel buttons says, some days there’s no point in chewing through the restraints.      I was musing over a subject that’s been on my mind from time to time –specifically, the downside of setting aside a particular day to be thankful, or patriotic, or worshipful, or what-have-you – when …

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Is it Safe? Part 1

The wannabe despot is a coward. Before he acts he needs to feel the environment has been well prepared before he makes the next move. The title of this series comes from the line endlessly repeated by the Lawrence Olivier character as he tortured the one portrayed by Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man. Well, in …

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Western Values Too Easily Undermined. How? Why?

The retired Kiwi physician and regular contributor at Crusader Rabbit (CR) who identifies as mawm, brought to our attention the following observation made by Joel Smalley: “and it’s everywhere. can you seriously tell me you have not noticed the astonishing lack of not just competence, but even of the basic knowledge of how literally anything …

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Postmodern Energy Strategy Revealed

Macron: France, Germany to provide each other with gas, electricity, to weather crisis appears to be remarkably similar to

Who For President?

     The wizened old librarian-curator who lives in the back of my head said that he was prompted to dredge this up by the talk that Gavin Newsom would make an excellent Democrat presidential nominee: March 3, 2004      “Everybody’s always giving me guns.” — Humphrey Bogart playing Philip Marlowe, in The Big Sleep      …

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The Need to Defeat Those Exploiting Insanity to Achieve Total Power — UPDATED

RESISTANCE PRESERVES LIBERTY AND DEFENDS SANITY IN THE PROCESS. Only then does social cohesion stand a chance of returning, and the advance of civilization with it — real progress and not the regression sought by Progs. • Screams for diverse goals are identified by social engineers. • Owning the means to amplify screams, they persuade …

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America Neofascistica

     Someone, at some time in the past, said something similar to this:      “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”      The original source is heavily disputed, so let’s not go there. The core of the sentence is perfectly plain: To impose an alien ideology …

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On Not Caring

     There are innumerable Causes in circulation these days. You could probably name a dozen off the top of your head, so I feel no need to do so for you. The Cause plague started well before I was born, propelled by early American “progressives” and Communists. The Causes of those early years usually featured …

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