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Master Demonstration On How To Beat Social Engineering

My opinion of Professor Jordan Brent Peterson keeps rising. His mastery of impromptu speech, of finding the right words to describe what he is attempting convey on the fly, appears to me to be unparalleled in the world of today. His latest contribution to our battle to save civilization, published yesterday, is below. Normally I …

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The Need to Defeat Those Exploiting Insanity to Achieve Total Power — UPDATED

RESISTANCE PRESERVES LIBERTY AND DEFENDS SANITY IN THE PROCESS. Only then does social cohesion stand a chance of returning, and the advance of civilization with it — real progress and not the regression sought by Progs. • Screams for diverse goals are identified by social engineers. • Owning the means to amplify screams, they persuade …

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The Sane And The Insane

     Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson pulled off quite a lot of masks yesterday with her non-answer to a single, putatively nonthreatening question posed by Senator Marsha Blackburn (R, TN): Sen. Blackburn: Can you define the word “woman?” Brown Jackson: I’m not a biologist.      I’m sure my Gentle Readers, as engaged with current events as …

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