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The Need to Defeat Those Exploiting Insanity to Achieve Total Power — UPDATED

RESISTANCE PRESERVES LIBERTY AND DEFENDS SANITY IN THE PROCESS. Only then does social cohesion stand a chance of returning, and the advance of civilization with it — real progress and not the regression sought by Progs. • Screams for diverse goals are identified by social engineers. • Owning the means to amplify screams, they persuade …

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The Sane And The Insane

     Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson pulled off quite a lot of masks yesterday with her non-answer to a single, putatively nonthreatening question posed by Senator Marsha Blackburn (R, TN): Sen. Blackburn: Can you define the word “woman?” Brown Jackson: I’m not a biologist.      I’m sure my Gentle Readers, as engaged with current events as …

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