The Need to Defeat Those Exploiting Insanity to Achieve Total Power — UPDATED

RESISTANCE PRESERVES LIBERTY AND DEFENDS SANITY IN THE PROCESS. Only then does social cohesion stand a chance of returning, and the advance of civilization with it — real progress and not the regression sought by Progs.

Screams for diverse goals are identified by social engineers.

Owning the means to amplify screams, they persuade enough others to overcome societal resistance.

They then move on to coerce all unpersuaded.

Freedom to coerce remains their ultimate goal.

Wretchard, with the following tweet, inspired the above synopsis of a much more elaborate description of how social engineering operates.

Any questions or objections or more thoughts to add? Please don’t hesitate.

Personally I dare not, and do not, stand alone against this perpetual onslaught. How about you?

UPDATE with clip showing when Dr. Forcier recognized the interview was not to her liking.


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  1. I especially enjoyed that smiling, superior, soft-voiced assertion of confidence, calmly dancing around the biological reality with vague terms, and refusing to accept historical terms for basic facts.

    1. Then you’ll adore knowing this is Michelle Forcier, MD, assistant Dean (admissions!) at Brown University Medical School. Truly a gatekeeper.

        • George Mckay on June 4, 2022 at 7:22 AM

        Sadly, we moved here to Florida from Rogues Island. I am a Michigander by birth so everywhere I go things go to hell. Hope the Sunshine State does not follow suit.

        Many of the people in Rogues Island are decent, hard working folks unlike our professor here. The minority runs the show there. The radical left in academe is virulent and rapid breeding. They infect the children they are supposed to educate.

        I don’t need to tell you this as you are no doubt aware but, there are some who need edumacating or reminders from time to time. I am ashamed of Brown and many of the scum sucking vermin educated therein.

    • Seething on June 3, 2022 at 6:50 PM

    Are you suggesting you feel alone and thus are doing nothing? Or are you implying it’s past the time to make a stand that’s more effective and kinetic than the voting booth or, dare I say, blogging? You certainly are not alone if it’s the latter. Our gracious host FWP has asked many times when will we scream “This far! No further!” and then do what needs to be done to cut cancers like our Brown professor out of our body. But  we are entertained, numbed, and our bellies full (for now), so we do nothing. This may well change given the intentional efforts to demolish our culture, even Western civilization, by the horde of demons currently steering us into the rocks. Cf. FWP’s short story of yesterday – our leaders are infested with demons like that. Anyway, end of rant, Pinot Noir needed…

    1. Because I seek to be concise rather than beat around the bush, I am aware I often may not be always clear. Is this better: I dare not, and [thus] do not stand alone.

      And you will note, because I tend to be reactive rather than creative — I was well suited as a trouble-spotting engineer — that I comment more than I blog original material. And even this post itself is reactive.

      Blogging achieved nothing except establish that the signs of trouble were long dismissed. And you seem to agree that the dismissals went on for too long.

      Fran and I bonded on the Death Cult subject starting in 2004. He has written more extensively on the subject. Nevertheless more often than not he garnered no response (unless it was scorn that he deleted unbeknownst to me.) Today I hear or read random strangers declare “they’re out to murder us all” and I think “too bad it took so long.” Now instead of aborting children, crazed minions like Brown’s Dr. Forcier seek to compel them to self-sterilize. And then there’s Zeke Emanuel who believes I should already be dead. And my centenarian mother would already be gone were I not on the job.

      One reason I’ve long understood social engineers, is that they are trouble. That link to the longer explanation of that plague dates to the early 2000s, the first time I published — I hope I’ve gotten better at writing since then — what I had been discussing with colleagues who understood my electrical analogy instantly.

      So, no Seething, I am not in this alone and have not given up. I just feel badly for the criminally misled. It seems the majority will never get the message — written in flashing bloody neon — and not wake up in time.

    • Old Bill in TN on June 5, 2022 at 3:43 AM


  2. I am reminded of someone interviewing The Joker in a Batman film.The self-assurance of her lunacy is scary.

    1. Wow. I see the similarity now that you mention it. OTOH, The Joker would never have decided to end the interview. So maybe we are safer than Gotham?

  3.  No.

    1. At the 20 second mark of the second clip, Dr. Forcier’s expression reminded me of this:
      Sutherland's Alarm

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