Master Demonstration On How To Beat Social Engineering

My opinion of Professor Jordan Brent Peterson keeps rising. His mastery of impromptu speech, of finding the right words to describe what he is attempting convey on the fly, appears to me to be unparalleled in the world of today. His latest contribution to our battle to save civilization, published yesterday, is below. Normally I would convey why it has added meaning and utility for me and you before displaying it. However, I find it so powerful I think you should begin to watch it even if you don’t take it to the end. Once you’ve finished this essay I surely hope you will have been inspired to listen to it all.

As I commented a few days ago, I’ve been reluctant to publish my post on how social engineering (SE) works. Five months ago it had two shortcomings I didn’t know how to handle. I believe this video has greatly reduced one of them.

The first issue is unfamiliarity. The attempt to explain it may be too technical (at least for those who’ve never performed engineering analysis), and so will greatly put off too many readers. I needed to give them reason to keep reading — to just accept my opinion that my premise is sound — until they get to the points that can benefit them.

The second issue was far worse. in many ways what it reveals seemed too grim to me because I didn’t believe we really had a way to defeat the machine. I did not wish simply to increase your winds of woe that adding to the myriad atrocities, and analyzing what they do to us, might do. So that effort has languished in draft despite FWP’s encouragement to add some examples and just publish as it stood.

Mercifully, Dr. Peterson now has provided a superb example on how to beat it. But before I go back and publish (in a few days?) my description of how SE works, I felt you needed to see this example, both of SE in use (not that Peterson knows that’s what’s happened) and his courageous effort to defeat it. It is a method that I thought previously was only wishful thinking on my part.

There is an irony here. Jordan Peterson, the psychologist, is fighting the fostering of insanity. Maybe because insanity is often spoken of as only a legal term he didn’t describe it thusly. But I would define insanity as thinking and behaving in a manner that is nonsensical to living. Not having a death wish per se, but being unaware that that is the road one has taken. And in my opinion the Ontario College of Psychologists (OCP) are fostering insanity for political gain and they do not care how much of wider society they harm as they (members of the Left) seek greater power.

The various anonymous voices that the OCP have asserted that Professor Peterson has harmed them. Because of OCP’s power, the equivalent of an amplifier for those voices, no matter how unfounded are the charges, the OCP going forward, using them as a basis to attack Dr. Peterson, is what we have come to know as waging lawfare.

Dr. Peterson’s understands that those voices are being used as a ploy by the political Left (he does not use the word lawfare, but notes the legal bills that have mounted would be untenable to those lacking the funds he has amassed due to his fame over the last half dozen years), and that angers him as it surely angers readers of this blog,

That anger, contained over a long time, appears to have aged him. Indeed, he reports physical pain and weakness as well attributed to the need to keep the anger in check so he could think clearly.

I wish him well and support him to the extent that I will shortly publish how we can lend a hand. It will be easier for you than for him, but in the long run it will empower you as I never dreamed possible until I saw this video. I pray that I could come sufficiently close to Dr. Peterson’s skill in aligning all my thoughts to convey what I wish to say. I’m working on it harder than ever before. Because, as I hope you will learn, a clean and clear thought process is the source of power needed.

Be well and hopeful dear readers. You do not know yet how much power you have.