Now We Know

That is, WHY the Mar-A-Lago raid was staged when it was.

It was because the Biden Protectors had just discovered that the Mindless One had allowed CSI documents to be left in his garage.

But, that was OK, because the garage was locked.

Funny, that didn’t stop the OUTRAGE over DJT’s possession of presidential records – THAT was considered a crime, worthy of Special Prosecutors and 24/7 media coverage and dark calls to “lock him up”.

For Biden?

Eh. No biggie.

And, TOTES Different. Or as I posted on Twitter #TotesDifferent

I’m trying to detach from Media Outrage and Manufactured ‘Importance’. I have enough going on in my own life to deal with others.

And, to be fair, much of what hits the headlines is not something that I can do much about. The game is rigged, the players are tools, and we can change the leadership, but the oppression goes on.

I’m working on simplifying my own life. We may have another offer on the house, so we’re in SC, de-cluttering in prep for an initial inspection.

I’m doing the last minute prep for my presentation on Radio and Physics in Portland on Monday. Pray for me – that’s a lot of travel (Sunday and Monday), and much of it through cold weather interim stops. Also, I need to figure out how to handle the COVID shot verification process, AND the identity verification process – both of which have been refused by the site. Honestly, if I didn’t want to make this presentation so badly, I’d bag it. I’m going to just have to take my DL, shot record, and my passport with me.

My husband has just been hired for a job teaching science (including 2 Physics classes), and that is generally good.

But, he will need to start the job in the midst of weeding out junk and packing up the SC house (he’s been procrastinating about the process for some time). So, that’s mostly going to fall on me.

In the midst of this, I have to:

  • Get my CEUs for insurance license renewal, switch state of residence
  • Switch driver’s license to OH
  • Get boxes packed with science stuff husband could use in his classes
    • Also, help him get his out of state license for teaching transferred to OH
    • And, to help him get a flight to OH
    • And, to help on any other thing he needs to get done to leave
  • Work on business stuff – enrolling new clients, gathering together info for 2022 taxes
  • Sort stuff into Donations, Junk, and Important – and, get sellable items into a staging area and publicize the event (much of this will be stuff for teachers in the classroom)

I’m already tired, looking at that list.

But, the important thing is – NONE of that will be significantly affected by over-focus on current events. What foibles FJB commits in public, what celebrities are doing, what antics the politicians and petty bureaucrats are involved in – not going to change my life.

Focus. De-stress. Concentrate on the things I have some control over.


  1. You have a lot on your plate just now, and I sympathize. The reminder that what we can control is of greater urgency than what we can’t is an important one. However, there is entertainment to be had from watching the caperings in Washington just now. Don’t deny yourself that.

    If only there were some way to amuse oneself with politics without allowing it to oppress one…but I think that’s like wishing for a “barking cat.”

    • NITZAKHON on January 15, 2023 at 8:27 AM

    Good luck Linda!

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