Following Up On “…but outrage is mandatory.”

This began as a comment to Surprise Is Optional…, about the revelations of the zero mark given baltimore students. But I feel I owe Fran a more thorough effort, to make clearer whatever worth what follows may have.

I cannot imagine that anyone who is a regular at Liberty’s Torch has not read 1984 at least once. Thus I am sure you can recall Winston’s thought that the solution to Big Brother must come from the proles. That thought evaporates upon his visiting one of their hangouts.

I recall thinking when I read that novel as a high school freshman (1960): How in the world could British subjects become so brainless? It would not surprise me that the same thought crossed the minds of anyone here unless you are much younger than me.

Well, Orwell never did provide us a prequel to his novel on how it came to pass. Have we permitted “Progress” to take its course and do it for him? That dystopia may have served as a warning to you dear reader, but it surely seems to have served the wannabe despots better — along with Revelation — as a what needs to be done manual.

Maybe I’ve said all the above before. I don’t recall since it has been on my mind for quite some time. But I see it worthy of contemplation over and over again.

The powers that be have deliberately orchestrated the dumbing-down of the majority of us at the same time they bring in many more illiterates and non-English speakers. It doesn’t take an Einstein to clearly see how that helps assure the continuation of their ever more brazenly growing tyranny they intend to subject us to fully.

What can we do? Aside from praying for divine intervention, our best bet is to continue to try and reach out to the misled and dis-educated who still have at least an IQ close to 100 or better. Rely on instinct. Most human beings really don’t like being murdered. And a considerable number don’t like being forced to do anything against their will.

So how do we build up the will of our neighbors to resist while they still can?

More anon.


  1. I honestly don’t think it’s native IQ. Instead, it is Stupidification – the deliberate clamping down on the natural curiosity and sense of wonder that humans have. People have become accustomed to having someone tell them the Official Answers. They have Learned Helplessness.

    1. Exactly Linda. Stupidification is a good word to describe the deliberate process of the Educrats Indoctrinators inflicted on children. Even some of us had to endure some of it, but it was earlier and so we could withstand it. Nevertheless we are witnesses to the prequel Orwell did not write.

      I have a cousin once removed — he’s 25-30 now — who clearly started out life with genius potential. The last time I saw him he had absorbed too much indoctrination at his radical Left Beverly Hills HS. I know it saddened my uncle too to see it. He’s since gotten a PhD in History and I fear he’s among the woke. Sadly his parents (my cousin) have always been proud of him for his scholarship, so they never even tried to instill their values in him. I know he could easily understand what we have to say, but he was too indoctrinated to listen (6 years ago?) and got instantly emotional upon hearing anything contrary to his programming before we could get to the point. What an awful waste of a good mind if he’s still programmed!

      I still would like to have someone come up with anything in answer to my question: So how do we build up the will of our neighbors to resist while they still can? Especially when so many may be like my cousin and resist hearing any information that might shatter their programmed blinders.

    • Tractorguy on February 16, 2023 at 8:39 AM

    Who would have thought that we would willingly carry the telescreens around with us?

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