The complete opposite of leaders leading

Joe Biden shits himself and has to be dragged away by DOCTOR Jill Biden during a D-Day ceremony in France.

Yes, I know that the caption reads that Drooling Joe the Chinese hand puppet “nearly collapsed”. Yeah, he shit himself. Just like when he met with anti-pope Jorge Bergoglio. And so his hander/wife, DOCTOR Jill Biden, had to march him off before the smell hit.

This country is being ruled by faceless enemies while their puppet Joe Biden shits himself and has to be whisked away. That is the state that we are in. Congratulations, America. What should have been one of the most solemn military ceremonies has turned into a farce because the drooling idiotic moron can’t stop from shitting himself in public.

We are not a serious country. Not while we allow this desiccated senile tool to continue his destruction of America.

And to the GOP members who allowed Drooling Joe to steal the election: Fuck you, you god-damned backstabbing traitors. We all knew that Joe Biden was a drooling half-wit on his best day. You helped put him in office. You’re the cretins who opened the gates to the barbarians, and you’ll burn in hell for it.

Fuck Joe Biden. Fuck the people who voted for him. And fuck the slimy, shit-sucking Republicans who helped push him into office.


  1. I loved how Biden was campaigning in 2020 from his basement, with those rare occasions where he went out to a hand-picked “crowd” (where the reporters outnumbered the actual supporters) and yet still couldn’t remember where he was or what he was doing (remember that South Carolina speech where he proudly announced he was running for Senate?). I think that Trump ought to demand an independent drug test followed by a general dementia competency test, aired nationally, before any debates. Both sides, of course, I’m not playing the Democrat game of “Rules For Thee, None For Me”, but also because I don’t doubt that Trump would look like Ken Jennings next to President Roomba.
    Let’s face it, Trump doesn’t NEED to debate Biden, and all because the rule of thumb is “When you see your opponent making one mistake after another, DON’T STOP HIM”.

    1. I wish that Trump hadn’t agreed to the debates. He doesn’t need them. He could do townhalls and just play clips of Biden mumbling, slurring and losing his place in his speech. But maybe the debates will help. No clue. I’m just pissed right now at the fact that the supposed “President” can’t even manage to shake the hands of the surviving D-Day warriors because he can’t stop from shitting himself.

  2. The only explanation I can come up with, as a Christian, is that Demoncrats–FJB supporters–really are people whom have been turned over to reprobate minds.
    All they want to do is bitch, moan, whine, grumble, grouse, and complain. They are easily manipulated by the demons who control the Demoncrat Party. All the demons have to do is constantly point accusatory talons at their opponents, and work up their voters (the few they have left; they more  a Party of ballots than bodies) to hate their enemies alongside them.
    I have never yet heard any truthful or factual reasons  WHY a Demoncrat votes Demoncrat, or supports Demoncrats. Actual Demoncrats always describe (to me) a Demoncrat Party which exists nowhere except between their own ears. They inhabit their own private, made-up universes.
    They hate a GOp which does not exist. They hate a donald Trump whom does not exist.
    They are deranged and delusional people. Damned, maybe.
    I’ve never been able to fact or truth or evidence or prove any Demoncrat into NOT voting Demoncrat. they are beyond reason.

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