Were He Not a Ruthless Killer, This Might Garner Some Sympathy

Some background first.

On FB, Wretchard introduced an Elon Musk tweet to the video below with the comment:

Some ideologies see ‘no people’ as the most humanitarian outcome.

Naturally such a line caught my attention.

Then this was how Musk introduced the video:

Pretty good summary, although national pride is underweighted relative to economics. Latter serves former, not other way around.

The foundational issue imo, which this video doesn’t ignore, is low birth rate. After all, what good is land with no people?

This video definitely fits with my following of history and, if true, fills in more than one blank. Definitely worth a half hour at normal speed, or at least 18 minutes at 175%. As for the death toll potential of the conflict, I have heard no world leader actively opposing ideologies favoring large body counts.

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  1. I’m about 1/3 of the way through the video, and it’s an eye-opener. We often talk about Poland as being flat and indefensible, but Russia suffers from much of the same problem.

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