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That our Humble Host mentioned yesterday, I add this report regarding the recruitment woes of the US military.

The mention of “partisan scrutiny of the service” is closer to the mark, but that framing blames the response and not the actual problems that exist. It’s the military equivalent of “Republicans pounce.” Why are white people looking at the Army and deciding not to join when they were doing so at nearly double the rate just five years prior? One only needs to look at the changes within the military over the last several years to figure that out.

Yep, us white folks look around at the “leadership” of the US military who seem to hate us and openly talk about how they prefer someone who isn’t white, and that makes white people decide that they don’t want to join. Who woulda thunk it?

But for the actual warfighters, it’s going to be far, far worse than just raw numbers. You see, there’s a definite self-selection process that occurs when young people enlist, and it’s rather significant. A huge portion of what is combat service and support are made up of minorities. Take a stroll through the Logistics University on Ft. Lee and look at the command photos. Last time I was there was in 2017. There were thirteen units represented there and of those thirteen, nine of them had command teams that were black. Of the various commanders and Sergeants Major that were on the wall, there were maybe three photos of people who were white. In my entire career I can recall having ONE white male supply sergeant. All the rest were minorities, female, or both. That didn’t stop them from being damn good supply sergeants, but it’s indicative of WHO is choosing to go into WHAT field. Oh, the recruiters push and prod people into fields that need numbers, but by and large it’s the recruit who makes the choices of what job to do.

For combat arms however, that ratio is flipped. Artillery, Infantry, Cavalry, Armor, are predominantly white. My old center commander in recruiting was a black guy who had been infantry, and he was the ONLY black guy in his basic training company. The Drill Sergeants called him “Token”. You’ll get more hispanics than blacks in the Infantry, but both of them are far outnumbered by the white recruits.

So when you read this report about how white recruiting numbers are down, what that means is the actual number of trigger-pullers, door-kickers and cannon-cockers will be going down. Hard. Supply, Fuelers, Cooks, Mechanics, they might still make their numbers. But tankers and gun bunnies? They’re going to be hurting.

This problem isn’t going away, because we have “leadership” who whole-heartedly believes in racial discrimination when it comes to promotions or schools, and white Soldiers are at the bottom of the list. In fact, unless there’s a wholesale removal of flag officers, the problem is only going to get worse, as the current crop of generals and admirals select their replacements using DIE as their criteria. Yes, I know everyone calls it DEI, but any organization that uses DEI is going to DIE. So why not put the letters in their correct formation? Anyways, the current crop of perfumed princes are so removed from reality that they keep making the problem worse, and until they’re summarily fired and replaced with actual warriors? Nothing will get better.

So yeah, fire them. All of them. That’s how this entire problem started anyways, with Barry Obumblefuck firing the competent generals and replacing them with racist, woke garbage. It’s how we got traitorous shitbags like Mark Milley and Lloyd Austin. And don’t think that anyone else in their staff isn’t just as woke, traitorous and shitty. I guarantee you that anyone on Lloyd Austin’s staff is just as racist as he is, or they wouldn’t be there in the first place. We need to get rid of huge swaths of the flag officers, pull up some Colonels who don’t have their heads up their asses and restart the military. Otherwise, you’ll just watch things go from worse to even more worse.


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  1. Two more on DIE by DEI.

  2. When I was in from early 90 to mid 99, it was if you were ‘down with the brown’ or part of the ‘African-American Mafia’ whether or not you got ahead.  I started as 11H10 (Heavy Anti Armor Infantry, TOW-2 System) from 90 til 96 when they decided to cashier the TOWs and give ’em to the Syrians?  Who knows.  Involuntarily reclassed to 19K, M1A1 Armor Crewman (tanker) which I did for a year until injured in line of duty, and put in the 4 shop as I was the Battalion Thief/Scrounger and got a 92 series supply OJT.I can count the number of blaqs in the infantry on one hand… that’s literally in a period of 6 years.  Lots of Hispanics, but NO Blaqs.  Once when I asked why the brothers didn’t go Infantry to the few brothers we had in the unit, they all agreed that “too hard, too dangerous, not worth the effort”Whyttes tended to be the “Duty Honor Country” Types until they were demonized.Can’t say I blames them for dropping out.Let the freaks, trannies and the 69th Intersectional NonBinary Dildo Brigade got fight the Houthis…I’m suuuuuuuuuuure it’ll alllllll work out fine
    Jes’ Sayin’

    1. The number of blacks in the MP unit (my first MOS) was vanishingly rare, unless they were in a support MOS- admin, supply, cook. But the line platoons? 95% white if not more. And this is SELF SELECTING. It’s not like the recruiters were trying to keep anyone out of the MOS. Hell, we were short all my time in. We would have taken anyone who could get a secret security clearance.

    • OneGuy on January 12, 2024 at 9:57 AM

    As a 20 year veteran who loved my military career (40 years ago) I advise every parent to try to convince their child to go to a community college to learn a trade rather than join the military today.  The military is toxic for white males and dangerous for white women.   I hope the military figures this out but until they do stay away.

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