“Getting Close To Post Time”

     Ever heard that phrase? It may not be used commonly anymore. It originated in the years when most betting on horse races was done at betting sites remote from the race track. If you wanted to bet on a race, you had to get your bet in by “post time:” the moment at which all the horses and riders had to be in their assigned stalls at the starting line. Bets on the race would not be accepted beyond that moment.

     In electoral terms, the closest equivalent to “post time” would probably be when the major parties have both announced their nominees. We already know that the GOP’s nominee will be Donald Trump. I’m not sure the Democrats will permit the nomination to go to Joe Biden, despite his “locked-in delegates” count supposedly having clinched that party’s nod. There’s still a possibility that their kingmakers will find a way to remove him. So I’d say we should consider the Democrats’ nominating convention – August 19-22, in Chicago – “post time” for the upcoming election.

     What shall we bet on? The eventual winner? The nature and timing of the October Surprises? How long after Election Day the results will be disputed? The amounts spent by the major parties on lawyers?

     Naah. That’s minor-league stuff. Everybody’s betting on some aspect of it. What’s occupying my thinking just now is the degree and duration of the post-election rioting.

     A few days ago, Robert Zimmerman prophesied thus:

     On Trump’s inauguration day in January 2017 leftist groups organized numerous violent protests that included “blocking roads, checkpoints, breaking windows, and setting fires.” Expect worse in 2025, because these thugs have now had eight years of training and practice. They know how to do this, and no longer have to face police forces as strong and willing to stop them. The Democratic Party’s “Defund the Police” and “no bail” policies have destroyed law enforcement to a point that we now see looting as routine behavior in many major cities.
     The riots and protests that I expect to occur before the election will pale in comparison to the violence of the protests after the election, should Trump win.

     Note the last three words of that citation. I have no doubt that Zimmerman’s assertion is correct. But I think that should the Usurpers manage to cheat Biden to a second term, there will still be violence. After all, we’re talking about demographics that rioted throughout 2020 and 2021. Some of them were still going in 2022. They’re propelled by the most violence-inclined groups among them: blacks and illegal aliens. Those cohorts continue to be Democrat Party allegiants that will expect a payoff for it…and the cheapest payoff the Dems could render them is a sotto voce license to loot and destroy once again.

     While we’re not yet too near to “post time,” some bets take longer to make than others. A few considerations for general reflection:

  • Are you a city-dweller? If so, you might want to consider being away for the two or three weeks after Election Day.
  • Do you own a business in a city? It might not be too late to buttress your theft-and-vandalism coverage…assuming your insurer is willing to extend it. He’s no dummy.
  • Do you have progeny in an American college or university? Don’t expect them to remain peaceful, regardless of the election’s outcome. You might want to encourage them to “fort up” if possible. Whether it’s possible will depend on many factors, so give it some thought.
  • If you aren’t an urbanite, how far are you from the nearest city? Trouble can travel, and just might once the city has been “picked over.”
  • Does anything you need to live travel through a large city to reach you? If it’s possible, stock up!

     And of course, two questions that must not be overlooked:

Got enough ammo?
Been to the range lately?

     Well controlled, accurate shooting is a perishable skill. Moreover, you can lose it faster than you can get it back. “Post time” is not that far off, so don’t shilly-shally.

     Just a few thoughts to brighten your morning. With that I’m off to Onteora County, so have a nice day.