To Prevent November Surprise

     Read the following two articles. They’ll provide you with all you need to know:

     Joseph R. Biden could not win an honest election for dogcatcher. (Watch for “revelations” that he was elected dogcatcher in his hometown at a record early age, and with the highest number of votes ever tallied.) He’s been revealed to be a purveyor of anti-American policies, a corruptocrat of the first echelon, a serial liar, a pedophile who molested his own daughter, the chief enabler of his drug-addicted son, and a dementia sufferer who must be led around by his wife even to find a men’s room. All of this is now a matter of public record, despite the mainstream media’s fervent attempts to keep it secret.

     Yet there’s a good chance that Biden will win re-election. David Krayden’s article enumerates what his campaign must do for him…and with him. From Gabe Kaminsky’s article, we learn that his handlers will add the powers of the federal government to those of Democrat-controlled Boards of Election nationwide to see to it. Moreover, there are vote-control tactics the Democrats are likely to use in November that were used lightly if at all in 2020.

     The serial destructions wrought by the Obama and Biden regimes are now plain to every American adult. The Democrats’ future is on the line – and they know it. If they lose in November, they could well be kept out of federal power for the next fifty years.

     Krayden remains optimistic:

     Americans wised up long ago to these already stale tactics and aren’t going to be taken again. They aren’t listening to MSNBC or the daily comedy skit hosted by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. They know the jig is up and it is damn apparent to them that Joe Biden should not be running for city council, let alone the presidency. Americans might be at the mercy of a deliberately debilitating open border; might be crushed by over $34 trillion of debt; and might be on the precipice of economic catastrophe.
     But they are going to have a free election and they are going to exercise their democratic rights.
     They won’t relinquish that, not yet anyway.

     I wish I could feel that way.


     I’m of two minds about the upcoming elections…no, make that three. On one hand, I’d like to see the Democrats expelled en masse from any and every position of public trust in these United States. It’s the mildest outcome they’ve earned. (As for what I really want to happen to them, maybe we shouldn’t go there. After all, I’d like to see it happen to the entire Establishment political class, regardless of the letter that follows their names. The nation was a lot more civilized when we had public hangings and “he needed killin’” was an accepted defense to a charge of murder.) On the other hand, I’ve lost all my faith in the ability of elected officials to prevail over the immense unelected “deep state” mechanisms that actually exercise power over us de facto. And on the gripping hand – thank you, Niven and Pournelle, for that useful motif – I no longer accept the validity of government itself. Show me a man fit to be a king, and I’ll follow him. Otherwise, mind your own business.

     It’s a heavy clash to resolve. Yes, I want to see Trump win and the Republicans recapture firm control of Congress. And I don’t think it will matter much if they do. And my ultimate druthers are to see the whole cancerous mess excised, thrown into a roaring fire, and replaced by…nothing.

     What, then, must we do?

     The best we can. Only that.


     There’s no way to an improved society that doesn’t start with improved individuals. I’ve written about this before. I’ve talked it up as widely as I could. People mostly shrug it off. “Too slow,” they say. “We want results now.

     But reality is indifferent to our preferences. A nation half-populated by the useless, the whiny, and the openly destructive is not a nation that can be swiftly or easily put on its proper course. The way we are today, God could send His own angels to govern us, and it would make no difference whatsoever.

     The true, all but intractable problem before us is that half-nation of useless, whiny, destructive types. Changes of government will not reform them. They will not reform themselves spontaneously. Nor is it likely that decent Americans can reform them against their wills.

     In the near term, they must be nullified. In the longer term, we must outnumber and outlast them. Neither course will be easy, inexpensive, or painless. And with that bit of melancholy, I’m off to other chores.


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    • OneGuy on May 18, 2024 at 12:46 PM

    The steal must be bigger than 2020 was.  It will be more obvious than 2020 was.  The scary part is that we literally choose to do nothing about the stolen 2020 election and we will likely do nothing when they steal it again.  If you saw the movie 2000 Mules you know that they have the telephone numbers of the 2000 mules (there were close to 40,000 mules nut the choose to concentrate on 2000 that were most prolific and ballot box stuffing).  They also have the phone numbers of people in the NGO’s who created the fake ballots, handed them to the mules and paid off the mules.  Not one of these people have ever been questioned, not one!  No sheriff, no LEO, no local, state, or federal prosecutor ever did a thing to check on this.  We (the producers of the movie) still have that data, those people are still out there.  Why didn’t anyone at least investigate???

    1. John Eastman is certain that the cretins are terribly fearful of losing power. That fits your prediction. They will be totally ruthless in their attempts to not lose power because they fear the whirlwind they seeded. To answer your question, we lack leadership with spine is why nobody acting. TPTB have pulled out all stops convincing us they are unstoppable. For those who want to know why they have spent decades trying to eliminate the very concept of God, it’s to convince us we have no hope against them.

    • Drumwaster on May 18, 2024 at 5:20 PM

    It literally will not matter who is announced to be the winner this November.


    If Trump wins, all of the Democrat brownshirt militia (remember Obama’s promise to have a civilian security force “just as well funded” as the military?), ranging from the radicals on campus, Antifa, BurnLootMurder, and all the rest, will do everything they can to disrupt and destroy, and honest folk who just wanted to be left alone, will no longer hesitate to fight back.


    If Biden is announced as the winner, no one will believe it (not even the media making the “official” diktats known) and that leaves only the last box of four intended to defend a free people (given that the soap box and jury box have been taken away from them, with FBI-directed censorship and prosecutors who refuse to punish, when the ballot box gets yanked, that leaves only the ammo box), and as I have mentioned before, the total number of members of active duty military forces of every country on Earth COMBINED is between 30 & 35 million, while the number of civilian gun owners here in the US is estimated between 80-100 million, with double that number of actual weapons, and more than a trillion rounds of ammunition already stockpiled. There won’t be enough planes to evacuate all those who will seek to flee the consequences, and there won’t be enough lampposts and telephone poles for all the deserving folks.

    • ModernDayJeremiah on May 18, 2024 at 9:43 PM

    Fran, didn’t you write the solution to this in “Two Doors”?

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