Who Needs A Ministry Of Truth?

     We have the mainstream media!

     Herein lies the danger of “media pigeonholing” oneself. He who confines his news-consumption to particular streams that accord with left-wing preferences and prejudices might never hear anything to call Joy Reid’s claims into question. He might embrace those claims despite the objective evidence.

     The shattering of the media monoculture by broadband Internet access and broadening in cablecasting and satellite-casting is one of the few genuine advances of recent years. Take advantage of it. Don’t limit yourself to channels or publications that comport with what you already believe. And above all, Don’t trust any of them. Insist on multiple confirmations of every assertion of fact, from a spread of primary sources. Unless you’ve seen it personally, with your own Mark One Eyeballs, you must never rely on a single primary source about any event. There is no other way to avoid being deceived.

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    • Scott on February 6, 2024 at 6:03 PM

    With the new AI I would ONLY believe it if Only if I seen it in person, not a picture or even a video now days. I now read it , see it , research it on my own and the next is the very most important of this……  ( insert Batman and robin sound effects) PRAY ABOUT IT AND READ IN THE BIBLE any versus that may apply to it or close to it. If it’s worth making a opinion on it , a decision about it or a choice it is worth this investment of my time and effort’s.

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