Concerning NBC And Ronna McDaniel

     I sometimes wonder if my function in this life is simply to remember things others have forgotten.

     The recent hiring-then-firing of former RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel has widely been treated as an unprecedented event…which it isn’t. Hearken to Ann Coulter’s narration of the media “career” of one Susan Molinari, former Congresswoman from Staten Island, New York. This comes from Coulter’s meticulously researched and footnoted book Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right:

     …CBS hired former Congresswoman Susan Molinari in 1997 to co-anchor a new Saturday morning show. Molinari’s job was to cover cooking, fitness, and movies.
     Judging by the media reaction, you could be forgiven for thinking CBS had turned over its entire new division to the Republican National Committee. The New York Times editorialized on this offense to objective new reporting in a huffy piece titled “The GOP News From CBS.”
     More than one hundred newspaper articles were published on the threat to honest journalism posed by CBS’s hiring of Molinari (moderate, pro-abortion Republican Molinari). The headlines barely convey the hysteria:

  • “CBS Adds Molinari, Loses Credibility”
  • “Hiring Susan Molinari, A Ratings-Hungry CBS Gave TV Journalism A Setback”
  • “Molinari Move To CBS Blurs Journalistic, Political Lines”
  • “Government-media Revolving Door A Threat To Press”
  • “Is It News, Or Is It Propaganda?”
  • “The Faces Are New, The Biases Aren’t.”
  • “Susan Molinari’s Signing With CBS News Causing Quite A Stir”
  • “Susan Molinari Is Not Walter Cronkite.”

     (To that last, Coulter adds, “Yes, Walter Cronkite was a pious left-wing blowhard, but at least she was not Walter Cronkite.”)

     I could make all manner of observations about such persons as George Stephanopoulos, or former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley – a Democrat – whom CBS hired to host a segment on the CBS Evening News. Those recruitments hardly rated a mention from the national press. Certainly there were no condemnations thereof. Indeed, one interviewer slathered so much oily praise over the newly-hired Stephanopoulos that it’s a wonder his clothes didn’t slide off.

     So much for NBC’s cringing recantation of the hiring of Ronna McDaniel.

     I’ll say it once more: The Left knows that its strategy of infiltration and colonization of the media could – conceivably, at least – be used against it by the Right. That’s why its spokesmen are so vigilant – and so shrill – in opposing the entry of any non-leftist to their conquered domain. You don’t need to be a Certified Galactic Intellect to understand these things…though a decent memory, and a library of current-events books that goes back further than six months, would be a big help.

     “The greatest crime is silence! Record everything, record…” – Jewish historian Simon Dubnov, as the Nazis dragged him away to be executed. (Recounted in Alan Dershowitz’s book The Best Defense.)