Ignorance, Ingratitude Exploited By TPTB Sociopaths

Below I present two observations. They are nominally related. I’m not sure what can be done about them. But I am presenting them for your further consideration.

Originally set to begin at 39:40, but somehow altered to begin at 39:20. Good enough.

In this short clip, Douglas Murray observes why so many alive in the West today have not a clue why they have had it so good.

Now I’ll provide my own observation related to that one.

Sociopaths recognized and have exploited that ignorance so that the young might hate the West rather than have gratitude for all the sacrifices that provided them their now fading good life.

The rest of the interview has worthwhile elements, particularly near the end. I’ll leave those ideas for the reader to explore should they be so inclined. Contemplating the large scale ignorance and ingratitude is quite enough of a load for you already.

As George Santayana might say were he alive today: ‘Those who study history are condemned to watch those who don’t repeat it.’