Concerning The Animus Against Tucker Carlson For Interviewing Vladimir Putin

     A phony will always despise the genuine article. The overwhelming majority of the more prominent “journalists” of our time are phonies. Tucker Carlson is the genuine article. But beyond that, he takes risks and he strikes for the jugular. He goes straight for the most critical subjects of the day and leaves the trivia to his lesser colleagues.

     No one likes to be revealed as a phony, or a coward, or one who would rather deal with trivia than with matters of import. Beyond that, the media is filled with boughten allies of the political Establishment, so there are rice bowls to be defended. And third, it is ultimately humiliating to be revealed as a dupe: one who has swallowed a line of BS because it sounded good and could be made into a few minutes or column-inches of “copy.”

     The panjandrums of the major media hardly need more reasons to hate Carlson. His willingness to go where they would not imperils their applecarts…and more.

     And now for a few words from a great novel too few people have read:

     “Let me show you something. We do not work in general outlines; our plans are always specific, to the last detail.” He handed Drake a sheaf of papers. “The war will probably end in ’44 or ’45. We will have Russia built up as the next threat within two years. Read this carefully.”
     Drake read what was to become the National Security Act of 1947. “This abolishes the Constitution,” he said almost in ecstasy.
     “Quite. And believe me, Mr. Drake, by ’46 or ’47, we will have Congress and the public ready to accept it. The American Empire is closer than you imagine.”
     “But the isolationists and pacifists—Senator Taft and that crowd—”
     “They will wither away. When communism replaces fascism as the number one enemy, your small-town conservative will be ready for global adventures on a scale that would make the heads of poor Mr. Roosevelt’s liberals spin. Trust me. We have every detail pinpointed.”


     Drake met Winifred at a cocktail party in Washington, in ’47, just after the National Security Act was passed by the Senate. “Well?” Winifred asked, “do you have any further doubts?”
     “None at all,” Drake said. “All my open money is now invested in defense industries.”
     “Keep it there,” Winifred smiled, “and you’ll get richer than you ever dreamed. Our present projection is that we can get Congress to approve one trillion dollars in war preparations before 1967.”
     Drake thought fast and asked softly, “You’re going to add another villain beside Russia?”
     “Watch China,” Winifred said calmly.

     [Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, Illuminatus!]

     Remember what I wrote about “national defense” and “national security?” How about my comments on the “national interest?” Is any of that material coming into better focus now?

     We’ve been had, Gentle Reader. We have been well and truly had. For many years I, to my sorrow and repentance, labored to defend what deserved to be disdained. And now, poised at the brink of a global conflagration with a military that pays for sex change operations, has made male soldiers march in high heels, and has put “diversity, equity, and inclusion” above all other priorities, here we are.

     May God be merciful to us, though we hardly deserve it.


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    • Original Grandpa on February 11, 2024 at 4:44 PM

    The Lord is merciful, brother Fran; it is part of His everyday routine, I believe. That said, He is also not mocked, nor will He act favorably toward “us” – as we have squandered the gift He gave us in this nation. We should be ashamed, but our national hubris prevents this. And now, as has been the case throughout history; we are headed toward a well deserved “comeuppance”. While certainly we are not all guilty of the abominations – abortion, lgbtqrstuvwxyz b.s., child trafficking and mutilation – I can’t list more, my stomach already turns… we all are guilty of “letting it happen”. I saw a meme a while back, that said “our founding fathers would already be shooting”.

    Yes, and amen

    • poppi on February 11, 2024 at 9:52 PM

    first sentence:

    “A phony will always despite the genuine article.”

    I believe you meant despise

    1. (chuckle) Yes, I did, and I do, but sometimes my fingers think they know better than I do. It’s a consequence of the way I learned to type.

    • Evil Franklin on February 14, 2024 at 7:19 AM

    Personally, I think God put us here after creating for six days because He wanted to be entertained.

    Evil Franklin

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