I just love seeing it

And I’m not the only one.

“Your audience has halved in recent years. People are not reading your stuff,” Washington Post publisher and CEO William Lewis told the crybully staffers who run around under the mistaken belief they are “journalists.”

The Washington Post is going broke. I love it. No, I mean that I really really love it. The Washington Post is one of the perfect examples of a media outlet being nothing but political cock-sucking whores for the DNC. John Nolte has a small sampling of the various “news stories” that the Washington Post put up, that are nothing more than the acid-induced fever dreams of the Democrat party, but because the Post put them on the front page they somehow became “news”.

And the so-called “journalists” at the Washington Post are some of the most anti-American pieces of two-legged garbage that you will ever find. Topped only by the DNC itself.

So yes, I love to see the Washington Post go down in flames. I’ll dance around that bonfire cackling and laughing my ass off while it burns. Just like Nolte, I want to watch the Post and it’s crybullies get what they deserve, and I’m going to be enjoying ever last second of it. The only thing that would make it better is if the Post shut its doors and the crybully “journalists” were literally whipped out of the building. Or perhaps locked into the building for the end of their natural lives,. Whatever will allow me to piss on their graves the soonest.

You might think you hate the media, but the reality is that you don’t hate it enough.

Now, you’d think the press would be very interested to know why hostages were being held in “civilian” homes in the middle of a “refugee camp.” That would seem the most prudent question when discussing casualties as a result of the rescue operation. Instead, they simply went to bat for Hamas. 

The DNC Media complex is a huge part of the reason this country is in trouble. If we had a media that reported the facts instead of pushing DNC talking points, this country might not be in the hole that it’s in. But instead, we have an ignorant public that allows the DNC to lie, cheat and steal an election, shoot inflation into the stratosphere, destroy the system of justice, weaponize the legal system against it’s political enemies, and push us to the brink of WWIII over their money-laundering center in Ukraine.

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