Oh, I think we know why

Gosh, whatever could be the reason that Caitlin Clark was left off of the US Olympic team? I mean, it couldn’t be the same reason that ugly sportsball players are cheap-shotting her on the court and calling her a bitch, could it?

As the WNBA’s Caitlin Clark continues to face discrimination on the court for being white and straight, another outrage has occurred that has many scratching their heads. On Saturday, it was announced that she didn’t make the roster for the USA women’s basketball Olympic team for the games in Paris.

Caitlin Clark is single-handedly putting the WNBA on the map. Period fucking dot. They have record attendance when she plays. Record number of viewers. Record gate receipts. A game of ugly black dope-smoking lesbians who couldn’t fill seats is finally relevant and it’s entirely due to the play of one Caitlin Clark.

Oh, and since she’s being attacked by other ugly lesbian sportsball writers for being white, straight, and from Iowa, let’s just toss up a list of her accomplishments. As an athlete, Clark is the real deal. And she’s signing autographs before and after every game.

So why no Olympic team? It’s simple. Jealousy and racism. The same reason she’s being attacked everywhere else. “Oh but Dave, I’ve been told that black people can’t be racist!” Oh really? Black people are some of the MOST racist people I’ve ever met. Hell, they’re racist against each other! Look up terms like “High Yellow” or “Redbone” or “Bluegums”. I don’t look at other white people and say “Oh, he’s not white enough”. But how many times have you heard blacks say that very thing about other blacks? “He ain’t black enough. He acting white.”

Jealousy and racism are keeping Caitlin Clark off of the Olympic team. But the joke is on them. They need Caitlin Clark far more than Clark needs a group of ugly black lesbians. She’s the one dragging them into success, not the other way around.

And if four more years, when people can’t name a single person on the women’s Olympic basketball team, Caitlin Clark will still be the reason the WNBA exists.

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