That Seasonal Perennial

Immigration, that is. And it’s not just election season, although that IS when the rhetoric is dialed up to the highest level.

Now – obligatory disclosure – I have little problem with the entrance of immigrants into this country, assuming they can both support themselves and have proper paperwork.

I DO have problems with charities and other NGOs taking money from the US government to provide that assistance. They can choose to use their OWN money. It is not acceptable for them to get a grant – which is essentially a GIFT from the American taxpayer – to do that function.

Such grants should be used to help American Citizens. Not citizens of other countries. Even if related to American citizens.

Here is an essay about one person who was involved with immigration cases for some time, and what he has to say about the way the ‘system’ has been twisted to work against American interests.

Here is another BY an immigrant, one who saw the underbelly of Leftists at a young age, and is quite aware of the damage they do to a functioning society. Ayana Hirsi Ali is both an educated woman, and one who does not fear The Left, nor the consequences of speaking out.

Please note the chart at the link that details the methods of the Left, and how many of those methods have ALREADY been employed in our country.

The enemy is not a single party, nor monolithic. They use MULTIPLE allies to achieve their ends. Only once they have achieved complete control do they come out of the cracks in the foundation, rather like cockroaches, and take down those who formerly helped them.

Is there any rational person who doubts that the events of 1/6 were planned, orchestrated, and ultimately used as an excuse to keep Trump from holding any office in the future?

McCarthy’s role in the plan to delay the National Guards presence in the Capitol, and the facts that the absence allowed the Capitol Police to commit violence against the protesters, leading to the deaths of at least two f them at the hands of the police, is shameful. For that, alone, he was rightfully removed from the House leadership position.

I have little doubt the judge will hand down a LONG sentence tomorrow. There will be considerable pressure put on him to beg for leniency, which, of course, would be dependent on his acceptance of guilt for his role in federal, as well, as state, crimes.

He has said he will not beg. I hope he holds to it.

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