The Crane Flies are Gone, Life is Getting Better

I went to a friend’s memorial yesterday. When she died, I was preoccupied with my husband’s surgery and recovery, so tried to put it out of my mind as much as I could.

I let it all out yesterday. Lots of tears, some laughter, and sharing memories with others who knew her. When I finally went to bed, I slept like a log.

My breathing continues to improve. I’m working hard to remember to take my meds on time, and whatever I’m allergic to seems to be diminishing in quantity. So, less sneezing and sniffling.

I’ve been staying away from televised news – mostly, I use the aggregators, like Instapundit or Ace of Spades, and only follow the links that interest me. Normally, I don’t like cherry-picking news, but I only have so much time to deal with events that may:

  • Not have all that much effect on my life
  • Involve extremely biased reporting, in a way designed to manipulate my thinking, voting, and spending patterns
  • Be unduly repetitive – “Hate Trump!”, “Orange Man Bad – VERY BAD!”, and the like
  • Be only important to an extremely small section of the public – mostly the attention-seeking fools
  • Be a Black Op in progress – I’m fast reaching the point where involvement in another war – ANY war, no matter what the supposed provocation – is not going to have my support

And the effects of my “news” diet?

Almost completely positive. I’m not missing much, other than stress. I don’t waste time listening to politicians and the media (but, I repeat myself), trying to spot the lies. For the most part, it’s pretty much ALL LIES, ALL THE TIME.

I’ve been working on getting my own home in order – paperwork, long delayed closet organization, regular maintainence.

I’ve been exploring my radios – exploring features I’d not needed before, making small repairs and adding on peripherals, and labeling everything (very handy for those times when I need to disassemble and put them up out in the field).

I ordered a couple of antennas from a place – MFJ Enterprises – that is, after many years in operation, closing down. The owner is elderly, and wants to retire. It’s a shame, as they made kits that were sturdy and easy to assemble, but I’m taking advantage of the opportunity, and getting a few items on sale.

I also ordered a portable antenna tuner for my new SDR transceiver; I will have to measure and put together the loop antenna that it’s meant to work with. Not full design and build, but a good first step.

I’m going to move most of my electronic/radio stuff (other than the radios I’m currently operating) to my workbench in the basement. I want to start organizing parts/tools – all that got hopelessly jumbled in the move. It may take a while – even a few months – to straighten things out, but when I finish, I should have a working setup.

That move will clear out a lot of items from my office area. I’m going to put much of the enrollment paperwork in storage in some Rubbermaid bins in the basement. Those two changes should make it much easier to move around in my space.