Death Cult Chronicling

Despite many of Dennis Prager’s colleagues recently recognizing the continuing advances of the murderous globalists, he and Prager U continue to avoid making any direct mention of death cultism.

However, the following Prager U video demonstrates the many tools of the death cult. Its aim is global, one country at a time.

It is clear to me that author Axel Kaiser regrets the loss of all that Americans, as reflected by earlier governments, once seemed to stand for.

I can’t speak for others at Liberty’s Torch, but I have to constantly remember that not all past politicians were as bad as today’s. Were it otherwise, a good number of us would not be here today — or anywhere near as well off (for now.) I am grateful for that. But I have no such gratitude for those that have taken over.

Fran has published a whole slew of titles: The Convergence…, The Advance…, The Embryo of the Death Cults. It hit me while watching this that it is long past time to start The Chronicle of the Death Cult . Where others are still reluctant to mention them, I have not tired of mentioning them. Not everyone is so far gone as to unashamedly tell me “It’s not that my head is in the sand; I just don’t want to know.”

Must we continue to reach out to those who still retain enough sanity that they would like to restore at least some of what has been lost? Then we must call attention to stories like the following. They are trending. Pray they soon cease.

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