A Despotic Self-Own By RFKJr

Say you know a classical liberal. The Dems have finally broken their bond with him, most notably with their Bolshevikian attacks on any one or group that exposes their faults. Their attacks on free speech has him leaning towards RFKJr because of some popular stances that align with his own.

Specifically for people like that classical lib, I am provided you with the following video reminder. In RFKJr’s own words he expressed using the very tactics with which the Dems/Left/Media now attack all opposition.

RFKJr was 10 years ahead of them on intending to jail all his opposition.


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  1. I wasn’t sitting on a fence, but I was researching options,,, 
    UNTIL he made his Veep pick,,,,  Nopes, nopes nopes,,,,    Californian Libtard with lots of money,,, Yeah,  good choice,  NOT!
    I know a lot of people here’bouts that were leaning torwards him, and his choice steered them off as well.

    • Doug Piranha on April 1, 2024 at 10:06 PM

    I have told a number of people I know who were giving his candidacy serious consideration about this and no one believed me. I was told “He’s not Obama, or one of the Clintons, this is a Kennedy, he wouldn’t do something like that.” Well guess again. Most people I know who were of that opinion have since declared that they’ll be voting for Trump.
    I unfortunately have one friend whose logic receptors automatically shut off anytime the words “The environment” are placed in a sentence. A “scientist” could ask her to leave her home and live in a tent out in the woods for the rest of her life because it would help “The environment” and she would do it without question. That should scare the crap out of everyone.

    1. It was for those like you that I recalled this video. Thanks for the feedback. You now have proof that you can bring up on your smartphone with a click.

      Should anyone suggest that this was altered by AI, here is the link from when I first wrote about RFKJr’s remarks, back before AI was advanced enough to alter videos: Sept 2014.

    • Joe Blow on April 3, 2024 at 6:16 AM

    The man is a communist.
    I think it’s great we’re seeing movement in the political sphere away from the 2 party oligopoly we’ve been living with since forever, but really, just a skunk with a different stripe is all.
    Politics is dead, politicians are the problem. Kill ’em all, like roaches. That’s what they are. Mindless insects feeding on the death and detritus. 

  2. I’m not for RFK, Jr, but I AM for his candidacy. It will siphon off sufficient votes from the ‘Not Trump’ crowd, who might otherwise vote for Biden.

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