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In the interest of “throwing something together” here are a few assorted topics for you, in our host’s tradition:

1. Hyperinflation & the economic crash.  They are a-comin’.  Deutsche Bank Issues a Terrifying Warning for America Under Biden:

On Monday, Deutsche Bank released a report that further confirms a portent of doom for the U.S. economy and Democrats led by President Joe Biden. While many economists and policymakers claim that the recent uptick in inflation is temporary, Deutsche Bank warned that Biden’s profligate spending, the Federal Reserve’s low interest rates, and global economic trends threaten to unleash persistent inflation, which amounts to an insidious tax on the poor and middle class that benefits the government.

Supported by the relentless-on-this-topic Peter Grant:

I’ve been warning for years (to the displeasure of some of my readers) about what’s coming, and – as we’ve seen over the past few months – it’s finally arriving as we speak.  You don’t have to believe me;  you can just go down to the supermarket, or the gas station, or the auto dealer, and compare prices today to what they were at the beginning of this year.

I’m worried enough about our prospects that I’m now actively seeking to protect our family against inflation as far as possible.  I’m going to keep a cash reserve, because it’s always useful, but apart from that I’m going to invest any spare cash in building up reserves of things I know we’re going to need and use in future – food, laundry detergent, medications, etc.  If I buy them now, I don’t have to buy as much of them in future;  and I can get them at current prices, rather than at nosebleed-level inflated prices when my income won’t have risen to match cost increases.

Gas just topped $3 per gallon where I live, at least at a few stations, up from just a skosh over $2 pre-election, so approximately 45%.  That directly affects our gas budget the costs of all the things we buy through transportation cost increases, and more indirectly through increased costs of production which also get passed to us.  Add in the insatiable maw of more taxation that is inevitably coming – what is a “fair share” anyway, can a liberal define it? – biting on the income side (never mind the whole pandemic lockdown effect) and the middle class is being squeezed.  From a comment by Jerry at Peter’s post:

The thought occurred to me the other day that the Communists have never been able to gain traction in the United States because there was a prosperous middle class. The answer is obvious. Beggar the middle class and a Communist “revolution” becomes possible; at least in their minds. The only fly in this ointment is the Second Amendment. Marx & Lenin always assumed that the little people would be disarmed and they would control the arms.

And that’s the goal, a la Cloward-Piven.  Wreck the economy, bankrupt the nation, drive the masses to desperation through food prices and other shortages, and all but the elites will become the living embodiment of the statement by Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitor:



Then the Great Reset won’t sound so bad as the Elites offer the “benevolent hand” of one-world Socialistic government as the savior.  Remember, this is their faith, and like all missionaries these – filled with Marxianic Zeal – will not stop until you are communist, or dead.  BAMN.  Understand the nature of the enemy.




2. Whiteness as a disease / parasitical entity.  So I was listening to The Kuhner Report while driving one kid back from a doctor’s appointment and my jaw hit, well, my lap because I was driving.  He discussed the journal article (e.g., discussed here and here) that states that “whiteness” is parasitical, a disease, etc.  Now, replace that with “Christian” or “Jewish”…  Let alone that Yale psychopath talking about using a revolver to blow white peoples’ brains out, and more. 

And it’s everywhere, I can’t even begin to scratch the surface of the seething loathing towards any white person from our so-called elites, and non-whites in this country – let alone the self-imposed guilt too many “woke” persons are imposing on themselves.  (Slavery was and is a great evil, but every race and creed has both been slaves, and been slavers. There is something truly sinister in the obsession with only one era of slavery, to the “coincidentally” detriment of America, the central & strongest pillar of Western Civilization.)



Again, TO ME, race is immaterial – I go by content of character. But this obsession with driving the white race out of existence, whether through intermarriage (and full disclosure, I am in a mixed-race marriage… but if someone prefers someone of their own race – white, black, whatever – fine too) or more, um, direct measures, the end goal is clear:



I’ve written, on my old blog, about the “Forever Stain” of whiteness, and both wrote and commented on many others blogs that it’s clear the groundwork and mentality is being laid for mass genocide against whites.  Which, visually, I am – white as white can be absent my kippa.  My older child as well (to my Asian wife’s consternation, occasionally to the point of accusing me of having cheated on her).

As Stephan Molyneux points out, specific to cancel culture but more broadly applicable, they’re dress-rehearsing:



And soon, I fear far sooner that we expect given the escalating attacks on people we’re seeing by people of politically preferred pigmentation on persons of pallor, it will be switch-flipping time in a big way.  Alas.



One added thought. If a red-haired Scottish lass truly loves a dark black Nigerian man, and vice versa, then more power to them. Great luck to them. Similarly, if two blond and blue-eyed people fall head over heels for each other and get married and have blond and blue-eyed children. Also, great luck to them. My concern here is the hate being generated towards white people specifically – as concerning as if it were towards any demographic group. In parallel, it is the asymmetry of this push-push-push against one racial group that scares me.

Just do an exercise. Google WHITE COUPLE images vs. BLACK COUPLE images vs. ASIAN COUPLE images vs. HISPANIC COUPLE images. Do you see a difference in the first, say, 50 images presented? I do. Again. that asymmetry troubles me greatly.


3. Giving up.  Many years ago I was struck by a contrast in an article I read discussing the will to live.  The nickel version, it discussed two people in dire situations.  The first was a person lost in a desert.  He kept going, and going, struggling to find water, keeping out of the sun, and just persisted in trying to find a way out.  When they found him, still alive, his blood was as thick as syrup from dehydration.  (IIRC he did recoup.)  This was compared with a military person who, having been shot down on a small island, knowing that his military comrades were racing to find him, nonetheless blew his brains out within a day in despair.

So I was at an extracurricular activity for one of the kids and, very coincidentally, there was a parent of my older kid’s friends.  We talked, discussed planning a play date for the kids, and what we were up to.  I mentioned that I am attempting to get into home canning and other food preservation, and they asked if I was preparing for the end of civilization.  Yup.  Their response was quick and clear “Well, if that happens I know I’m not going to make it”!

I wanted to scream HOW DARE YOU?!??!?!  Just like I wanted to scream at a similar statement by my wife’s BFF when the same topic came up – social unrest, breakdown of society, etc.  “Oh, if things collapse I know I’ll die”.

The first woman has three children, the second has two, all my kids’ ages or younger.  But they’ll just give up, resigned to the idea they’ll die in the coming spicy time (from whatever starting spark).  These two reminded me of the secretary, several years back, who – upon seeing the arrival of survival bars at work (since my wife is not on the same page, ironic given that Stalin starved 1/3 of the ethnic Kazakhs to death) – said “Well, if things get that bad I just will end up dying”.  This woman, too, had pre-adult children.



Meanwhile, my older child had a bad scare before bed, some sense of fear (ghosts, they said), and asked if I would protect them.

To my dying breath, after I’ve done everything in my power.

As any good parent would, and should, say.  And do.

Am I better prepped than most?  I’d opine so.  Am I where I’d truly like to be?  No, but then the Powerball numbers have stubbornly refused to line up my way.  Is my situation / location as secure as it could be?  Definitely not.  But what sets me apart from these people?  My attitude.  (Interestingly, attitude and merely moderate preparation, even if only mental, can make an enormous difference as discussed in the interesting book The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes – and Why.)

I will not give up.  I will not, ever, renounce my parental responsibility to protect them – come riots, or war, or famine.  I will not, ever, lay down and die in futility because things are hard.  I may be beaten, I may even be killed. But I will never be defeated.  Doubly-so when it means protecting my kids.

Having been blessed with children, I and these other parents, how dare they say “Oh well, if things get that bad I’ll just give up”?  These precious gifts from Hashem are priceless jewels entrusted to me from On High.  It’s one thing if, as adults, they’re on their own.  I’ll have to trust I’ve raised them correctly and given them good tools, knowledge, and attitudes.

If it means being thirsty so they can drink, I will.  If it means being hungry so they can eat, I will.  If it means being hot or cold so they can be in the shelter, I will.  And that attitude, and commitment, driven by faith in Him which, in multiple flavors, is why – in the long run – I believe our side will win.

From my keyboard to Hashem’s inbox.


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  1. We are in the initial stages of hyper inflation.  The money supply is out of control and the supply lines are being broken causing shortages.  The cost of goods can go no where, but up.
    Being white is now a genetic imperative.  The attraction of whites and coloreds has always been an outlier.  Now it’s being forced upon the white race.  As much as coloreds rant about how much they have done for humanity, it is the white race that provides the initiative and the original thought.
    It sickens me to see images of Whites apologizing for being born.
    We can be disheartened and we can rage against those that simply get on their knees to die (Virginia Tech): we will reap the benefit of their loss.
    You and I will impress upon our children and grand children the desire to fight and live.  Anything can be a weapon.
    There is NOTHING that is free.  I have told that to my grand children for many years.  Even the heat of the sun is not free.  It comes at the expense of the life giving ability of the sun to fuse matter into energy thereby deleting the available matter.

    1. NO PERSON should apologize for being alive. Whether palest white or darkest black.

      Western Civilization is the greatest civilization to have ever existed. All these people, including the white people working for its destruction, will not like it if the West truly falls.

    • robert on June 14, 2021 at 5:02 PM

    Get ready for the incoming nukes . The “gases” supposedly released at that faulty nuke plant will cover for the biggins soon to be flying our way . Can’t have those “sniffer” planes giving a warning now can we ? 

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