Attention: Free Fiction!

     For today, Saturday, February 20 through Monday, February 22, my latest novel, Antiquities, is free of charge at Amazon:

     Gail was a has-been singer from a forgotten band, surviving by performing for small crowds in coffee houses and bars, near to giving up on everything.
     Evan was a venture capitalist, widowed by cancer and robbed of his only child by a car crash, who kept going on momentum alone.
     They were going through the motions, barely clinging to life, until one Friday evening in a central New York bar, when a faint and a spontaneous rescue brought them together.
     Then the music really started.

     Enjoy it – and if you like it, PLEASE, PLEASE, REVIEW IT!


    • SteveF on February 20, 2021 at 6:31 AM

    Will do. Reading some fiction will be a break from reading The Complete Harvard Classics from front to back, alternating with a rather heavy scientific work.

    • MrPink on February 21, 2021 at 7:27 AM

    I typically buy Mr. Poretto’s books on release, pay full price, and consider that a bargain.
    This book is typical of his writing, but more lighthearted in general than his other works.
    For an enjoyable and engaging read, it’s hard to do better than ‘Antiquities’.
    Get your free copy, but if you enjoy it as much as I have, circle back and buy another.  Writing of this caliber should be encouraged. 

  1. Mr. Pink, I endorse all that you said save for the last phrase of your next to last sentence. I believe Jen Psaki has made a sad joke of that one metaphor for all time. Perhaps yours is a cautionary tale about repeated viewing of overly loud cinema. Anyone could develop a tin ear by identifying with Reservoir Dogs. 😉

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