I Thought I Was Beyond Being Stunned

     I was wrong:

     Milo Yiannopoulos, the gay man whose conservative messaging and willingness to speak the truth sparked riots on university campuses may well trigger more outrage now that he describes himself as “Ex-Gay” and “sodomy free,” and is leading a daily consecration to St. Joseph online.

     Two years ago, when Church Militant’s Michael Voris famously challenged Yiannopoulos to live a chaste life, Yiannopoulos was not defensive. Instead, he acquiesced, and humbly admitted his human weakness.

     “I know everything you’re saying, and I’m just not there yet. And I don’t know if I’ll get there,” Yiannopoulos told Voris at the time.

     It seems that he has now arrived “there.”

     Please read it all. The interview with Milo is as brave and candid a thing as I’ve ever encountered. I find myself in awe of the degree of personal honesty – to say nothing of the humility – it took for Milo, one of the most famous homosexuals in the world, to do what he has done and permit it to become public knowledge.

     I was never one to condemn homosexuals. All of us face challenges in this life. It’s what this life is for! No man is allowed to slide into Heaven without facing trials he can barely overcome. So rather than condemn them, I prayed for them – and I prayed that God would be generous toward them, for a sexual addiction can be as difficult to defeat as any narcotic.

     Frankly, I’ve never been sure that the Church is correct in condemning homosexual behavior. I know some of the reasons for that condemnation, but it always struck me as theologically shaky. What I do know is that male homosexual sodomy involves damage to the practitioner, both physical and emotional.

     But Milo’s change of heart – and soul – seems completely detached from that:

     LifeSite: Last summer you posted on Parler pictures of members of the CHANGED movement, with the caption, “Look at these beautiful souls, rid of their demons and cured of their sinful urges. Can’t you tell they’ve been saved? I can.” Are you now able to add your picture to theirs, with that same caption?

     Milo: No, and I don’t suppose I’ll ever be brave enough to declare it a thing of the past. I treat it like an addiction. You never stop being an alcoholic. As for the CHANGED movement, I guess because they’re Californian they don’t see how funny their website is, or maybe they’re dirty non-doms who think God loves you more the gayer you act, but I was slightly making fun of them with that caption. (Walker Percy was right: Modern man has two choices — Rome or California.)

     And later on in the interview:

     Milo: As you might expect, my professional priorities are shifting somewhat, given my new spiritual preoccupations. Over the next decade, I would like to help rehabilitate what the media calls “conversion therapy.” It does work, albeit not for everybody. As for my other aspirations and plans, well, no change: I’ve always considered abortion to be the pre-eminent moral horror of human history. I’ll keep saying so — even more loudly than before.

     When this article gets into serious circulation – apparently, it hasn’t yet, owing to hostility from Google and other Big Tech panjandra – it’s going to cause one hell of a noise. And I couldn’t be happier about that – or for Milo Yiannopoulos.

Every saint has a past;
Every sinner has a future.
(Catholic maxim)


    • Tracy C Coyle on March 10, 2021 at 2:57 PM

    Facts: I was transsexual.  I was in a relationship with a woman both before and after transition (first marriage, then partnership).  I’ve been with men and women.


    Opinion: You can choose whom you want to be with, be it same or opposite sex.  I believe orientation is set at birth – but it is NOT immutable.  So, I don’t find Milo’s position stunning, but rather considered and honest.  My partner was born lesbian.  My wife was born heterosexual.  I have an innate preference that CHANGED after I had been on hormones for almost two years.  I think Milo has begun to understand that our souls, our self, is not something fixed by genes and biology but something under our control, under our free will.  We CAN change.


    I wish him well.

  1. Nice find and sentiment Fran. Incentive enough to continue to pray that some great power in the ruling class suddenly shifts back to any life-affirming moral paradigm. Miracles are still be possible.

  2. This doesn’t totally surprise me. I always thought Milo was a “fame and out-there addict”. Someone whose drive to be in the spotlight drove most of his persona. But, at core, he is an intelligent and personally fearless man – that didn’t change when he had a “come to Jesus” moment.

    It will be interesting to see what he can accomplish now that he will be more focused on prolife issues and, of course, conversion therapy. Perhaps a responsible use of therapy to help people slay their personal demons, and not a “pray the gay away” scheme. With the high numbers of gays who’ve experienced abuse by adults while young, I wouldn’t be surprised if this revelation changes that field forever.

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