At The Entrance To Hell

     America is in a bad way, largely because we’ve neither acknowledged previous public-policy mistakes nor responded firmly to lawlessness and public disorder. The bill mounts with each passing day. Whether we or any successor generation will pay it is uncertain.

     But there are some horrors we have not yet embraced…at least, not all of us. CBD at Ace of Spades HQ reports on one today:

     As usual, Europe leads the way when it comes to genocide, but this time they are channeling a particularly vile brand of utilitarianism…kill the crazies, but let’s harvest their organs too!

     Euthanizing the Mentally Ill:

     Belgium and the Netherlands legally permit euthanasia based on mental illness alone. Meanwhile, Canada’s Parliament just legalized lethal jabs of the mentally ill after a waiting period to permit bureaucratic death protocols to be worked out. This is particularly worrisome for the United States as Canada is our closest cultural cousin.

     And here’s an insidious twist: Euthanasia for mental illnesses has become conjoined with organ donation in both the Netherlands and Belgium, Such kill-and-harvest procedures have even been written up approvingly—or, at least without criticism—in notable international organ transplant medical journals.

     Fifty-six years ago, Larry Niven conceived of such a horror, albeit in a legal rather than medical setting. His chilling story “The Jigsaw Man,” which first appeared in Harlan Ellison’s anthology Dangerous Visions, is an acknowledged classic of science fiction. But most horrifying of all, it’s steadily becoming true.

     When I wrote this piece:

     Boomers grant the discussibility of euthanasia for the lowest of all reasons: it would save us money. We’d no longer have to worry about how to foot the bills for Gramps, or for the spouse with terminal multiple sclerosis, or for the child with severe cerebral palsy or Down’s Syndrome. Beyond the money, it would save us having to labor over those wretches, or endure their complaints and their lack of gratitude. Away with them! If the State won’t take them off our hands, maybe God will! More time and money for us, that’s the ticket!

     Of course, we hedge our selfishness and cowardice with the nicest of stringencies. There must be consultations and deliberations. Family, physicians, psychiatrists, bureaucrats — everyone must have a say. There must be nothing that could possibly be done for the sufferer to elevate his “quality of life” near to that of an actual person. And of course, when we inevitably decide upon the inevitable Quietus, it must be painless — not for the sake of the guest of honor, but as a balm for our own consciences.

     …I already feared that the death cults had gotten the upper hand and were closing in for the kill – on all of us. You can only cheapen human life so far before just about anything else will appear more valuable, and therefore worth the sacrifice of a few lives to attain or obtain. Europe, which has descended much further into amorality than have we, is ahead of us in this, but there’s no guarantee that America won’t follow.

     It’s not necessarily the case that the will to mass slaughter is animated by malice. Sometimes it arises from false notions of mercy. Somewhat more often, it derives from venality. Finally we have cowardice: the unwillingness to accept our human mortality: human death as the price for human life.

     No man is damned until the instant of his death. The same is true for nations…but Belgium, Holland, and the other states that have embraced the horrors of medicalized cannibalism teeter at the edge of the abyss. Whether they’ll recover their senses in time to avert the verdict from which there is no appeal, we can only hope…and pray.


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    • Hoagie on April 15, 2021 at 12:08 PM

    They have progressed to the point of regression.   The circle is complete.    They began as filty immoral animals and that’s how they’re ending.    Very befitting I say.

  1. There are persistent rumors the Chinese have dropped even farther; harvesting organs from living Uighurs without benefit of anesthesia.  Hey, taking their organs is going to kill them anyway, so what’s the difference if they die during the process or before?  Why should they care?  It’s not like those people are <i>people</i>.


    1. @SiGraybeard: One may expect that a stressed tested organ has a higher market value. Can’t you hear the auctioneer highlighting the number of hours under the knife? Big Hollywood stars appeared in 2019’s Landromat, with its vivisection depiction of a Falun Gong, so they clearly know the process even if they need the value explained to them.

  2. It’s not necessarily the case that the will to mass slaughter is animated by malice. Sometimes it arises from false notions of mercy. Somewhat more often, it derives from venality. Finally we have cowardice: the unwillingness to accept our human mortality human death as the price for human life.

    I know you value my opinion, and on this subject in particular. So I know you have heard me offer another reason for the will to mass slaughter. In fact it was the key point of the first of my guest posts. It cannot be because you disagree or find it highly unlikely because you know how to argue respectfully.

    Yes, the reason of which I speak is a very unpleasant prospect because it means that we are not facing off against monsters per se, but against godless pessimists who believe they are saving humanity from itself by taking charge to husband humanity.

    The worst part of their game is not that they have to be dishonest and not admit what they are up to (for the same reason some butchers make use of a Judas goat.) It’s that they are presently unleashing monsters and attempting to generate many more, and the monster haven’t and won’t administer a painless Quietus.

    In other words, the enemy is currently declared in a religious war like no other. Their belief that murder is necessary against those who believe that that is the worst crime one soul can inflict upon another and must fight to protect such victims.

    Thus it is little wonder people are seeing “the end times.” In fact, there are elements of the enemy who believe it’s their job to force His hand. Such influential but ultimately puny fools nevertheless can bring on great misery. They have already to a sizeable number of elderly and working class and the very young. I pray daily that they become victims of their own scheming.

  3. @Pascal Fervor:

    Engaged in, not declared in. A declaration would be honorable.

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