The Fundraising Dynamic

     The following six-minute video from Dinesh D’Souza is a must-view:

     In light of David Friedman’s assertion that political parties are vote-maximizing machines (from The Machinery of Freedom), the decomposition of a political party into its constituent components, specifically to look for any “interior” motivations, is of particular importance. There is no guarantee that the parts of an organization will always support the nominal purpose of the whole. D’Souza provides both a logical argument for the duplicity of the Republican National Committee’s fundraising apparatus, and evidence to support it.

     Of course, it’s also possible that the RNC’s political strategists are deeply involved in the fundraisers’ activities, and support them enthusiastically. Indeed, the more I contemplate it, the more likely it seems. After all, there’s no inherent incompatibility between them, and everyone loves a nice big helping of graft appreciation for services rendered to the “cause.”

     “Politics and business…I don’t pay them no mind.” – Jesse Colin Young