It’s Happening Again

     …but then, it was to be expected. Yea verily, even by those who claim that it’s not happening.

     There are phenomena whose geneses we understand – “we” being interpreted to mean “those of us who study such things” – perfectly well. We cannot plausibly claim that we didn’t expect them to happen. Yet politicians and their lackeys will do so. Perhaps they hope that their pretenses of sincerity will drown out the voices of those who knew better from the start.

     Take inflation. When the average Joe perceives an increase in the overall price level – often referred to as an increase in the “cost of living” – he calls it “inflation.” However, what it is in fact is the consequence of inflation. In a market economy, such a rise will occur only when the supply of currency and credit is inflated by the central banks. Economists have known this for centuries.

     Or take aggression by covetous powers. When Russia or China begin to move on a neighbor nation, it’s not because their masters’ greed level suddenly surged to a new height. It’s a response to the perception by those expansion-minded rulers that the United States will not act to check their plays. The same is true for the actions of lesser powers such as Iran…or the Taliban. It’s been this way since World War I. Strategic analysts know it full well.

     Finally, take the recent sharp increase in the number of parents who have chosen to withdraw their minor children from the government school system. This isn’t because Mom got a sudden, inexplicable urge to teach them herself. It’s because the government schools have simultaneously become far less effective as educators and far more pernicious as propagandists. The kids are coming home from those schools with tales to tell that are enraging their parents – and increasing numbers of parents are deciding not to stand for it. What they say across the back fence notwithstanding, they love their children and won’t stand idly by while their young minds are being abused.

     Some will try to hide from what they know, but the consequences are always negative. No matter how many politicians’ spokesmen exhort us to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, those of us with open eyes will know he’s back there and what he’s doing.

     Contemporary political art can be summarized in two sentences:

  1. Take credit for the good developments.
  2. Avert blame for the bad developments.

     This summary applies to everything that can plausibly be caused by human action. (Politicians haven’t yet managed to take credit for good weather, but they’re working on it.)

     Let’s imagine that at some point in the foreseeable future, the incidence of COVID-19 infections falls dramatically. What would you expect the Usurper Administration to say about it? That it’s a consequence of our immune systems having become acquainted with the virus and having learned how to defeat it, as has been the case with every other infectious disease known to science? Or that it’s because of the Administration’s strenuous efforts to promote “social distancing,” mask-wearing, and The Jab? I know where my money would go.

     Ignore what they say. Watch what they do. In response to inflation, they’re borrowing and spending heavily, expecting to pay down their new debts with devalued dollars. In response to Russian and Chinese aggressive moves, they’re attempting to calm their trading partners while simultaneously reapportioning their stock portfolios. In response to the exodus from the government schools, they’re maneuvering to make private schools unaffordable and homeschooling much more difficult.

     If there ever was a time when the statements of politicians and their pet experts could be trusted, that time is in the past. Their incentive to dissimulate and deceive is too strong and too widely acknowledged. You know better, so act accordingly.

     Unfortunately, they know we know better. That’s why they’re trying to impede our communications, and enlisting their Silicon Valley allies in the effort. Few of the possible outcomes are pleasant to contemplate. The unpleasant ones are very unpleasant indeed.

     This is the point at which I’d normally say “be not afraid,” but it would ring hollow. Keep your powder dry and your loved ones close.

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