Under Way As We Speak…

     …is a brand new F&SF convention, specifically oriented toward writers and readers in the Right:

     BasedCon survived a July deplatforming attempt. Currently underway in beautiful Norton Shores, Michigan, BasedCon has sold out and turned a profit in its debut outing. Celebrate this gathering for based authors and fans of science fiction and fantasy by topping off your library at a huge sale of based science fiction and fantasy books. Every one of well over a hundred books in the sale is $0.99 or free right now. The offerings include works by John C. Wright, Fenton Wood, Jon del Arroz, Tom Kratman, Mark Wandrey, Larry Correia, Francis Porretto, Mike Massa, David Weber, C.J. Carella, Brian Niemeier, Alexander Hellene, Jon Mollison, Hans G. Schantz, and many, many more. This is a killer deal, and you’re supporting authors who don’t hate you. Go check out the sale now!

     A couple of those writers are fairly decent. I’m sure you’re already familiar with Tom Kratman and John Ringo. Among the others, I particularly like Jon Mollison and Hans G. Schantz. It’s worth checking out a few of the others. But this guy? I don’t know about him. Sounds to me like a real hack. Probably just trying to pay off his bar bill.

     All the same, please give the sale a look. Books for less than a dollar! Some of them free! How can you go wrong?


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    • SteveF on September 16, 2021 at 5:14 PM

    I’ll probably buy them all, or at least all that I don’t already have. I have the money this week (my income is more stable now that I have a –yuck– job rather than self employment) and might as well use it to support creators who haven’t surrendered their wits or their integrity to the sewer flood of wokeness. That doesn’t mean I’ll find time to read any of them any time soon, on account of trudging my way through Milton and also having a mountain of nonfiction in the queue, but inconveniencing a few electrons so that I can put more books into the queue won’t hurt anything.

  1. Thanks for the signal boost, Francis!

  2. Heh. Yeah, that Porretto guy has a bad habit of calling me way late at night, just drunk as a by-God. He mutters incoherently for a minute or two, then hangs up. Damn him.

    All joking around aside, congrats to you, Francis. That’s some mighty heady company you’re keeping nowadays, which you damned well belong in. Good show.

  3. Very impressive company. Your inclusion is well deserved.

  4. I understand they could never host a con like this in Enemy Territory, but seriously, could you pick a place more remote?  Was the Holiday Inn at Zap, ND taken?

    1. I think the central motivation was to ensure that the Con would not be harassed out of existence. As you can see from the second link, there was an attempt to shut it down with the usual defamation tactics. Fortunately the owner of the venue is one of us, knows the score, and wasn’t intimidated. How many hotel or convention-center owners or managers in larger cities would have “hung tough” in the face of harassment, defamation, threats of protests, boycotts, and possible violence?

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