Inflammation Of The Ego

     At one time, I held, albeit inarticulately, that the largest egos in the known universe were possessed by celebrities: entertainers, sports figures, and others who are “famous for being famous.” However, in recent years new evidence has emerged that suggests that it’s really politicians who hold first place:

     With President Joe Biden rounding out his first year in office amid a sinking approval rating and multiple setbacks to his agenda, the White House is planning a new communications strategy, senior administration officials say.

     Biden’s reset plan, senior administration officials said, is to make his conversations with members of Congress less of a public priority and to emphasize spending more time communicating directly with Americans. The officials said that the White House will continue negotiations with Congress over Biden’s legislative priorities but that it would stop releasing details of the talks to the public.

     Words fail me, Gentle Reader – and when you hear a writer say that, mark your calendar.

     The “Biden agenda” can be stated quite succinctly:

Whatever Trump did,
We’ll do the opposite.

     It’s as mindless as an amoeba. There’s no rationality to it at all; it’s driven by hatred and hatred alone. Causes economic dysentery, too.

     Mind you, Biden being as close to mindless as a man can get without being confined to a safe, secure place where the attendants wear white and have been trained never to raise their voices (yes, as with department store “greeters,” that does invite speculation about their home lives) the “agenda” isn’t really his, any more than the 180 IQ he once claimed. That doesn’t really matter, though; the hatred is real and as swollen as the egos behind it. Biden would share it, if he were conscious enough.

     The Land of the Formerly Free is now ruled by people who hate freedom in all its venues and manifestations. Indeed, they hate people, selectively at least. They’re doing their level best to thin us out. What gain would that bring them, you ask? Nothing a rational man could value. It’s just what people consumed by hatred do.

     Even if massive anti-electoral-fraud measures are put in place from coast to coast, November will not save us. That was the point of this piece, in case it whizzed by you. The Constitution of the United States is no longer in force. The political virus – the largely unexamined belief that politics is the cure for all ills, including the ills of politics – is more pandemic than the Kung Flu could ever be.

     The insanity has peaked my meter and the needle is beginning to bend.

     Say, what are the property values like in Oymyakon? It looks like there might be room there for a couple of expatriates and their menagerie. What’s that you say? Barrow has all of Oymyakon’s virtues, and we wouldn’t have to learn to speak Russian? Naah. Too damned close to D.C.

     Don’t mind me. I’ll be back with something more cheerful a bit later. Maybe a story about cannibalism or a crashed airliner. Stay tuned.