An Eloquent Yet Melancholy Summary

     From the Web’s foremost one-legged blogger:

     Outdated, clapped-out concerns such as Constitutions and Founding Fathers and principles and the like hold no sway over such duplicitous frauds, being no more meaningful to them than the oaths they dishonestly swear when they take office—oaths they never had the slightest intention of even attempting to honor, not a one of them. Both the oath of office and the obscene charade of selfless fealty to the Constitution are only ritual now; mere bagatelles, empty words recited because hey, that’s just the way these things are done. Our antiquated ceremonies have no more relevance to the modern Washington professional politician than the knee breeches, silk stockings, and powdered wigs worn by our forgotten predecessors do. They’re historical artifacts, occasionally amusing, occasionally cumbersome and dull, occasionally of some small interest to more bookish types. In the end, though, they count for nothing.

     The contemporary American politician regards the Constitution not as a binding contract with the nation, but as an obstacle he must surmount. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the majority of them take their oaths of office with their fingers crossed.


    • James Archer on April 16, 2022 at 12:31 PM

    Crossing their fingers would require a sense of right and wrong and shame, I don’t think any of them have such.

  1. But, the reality is, they don’t own us.

    We are not easily ruled. At the retail level, Americans tend to ignore the laws they think are stupid (Prohibition, speeding, taxe), and live their lives largely without fear.

    While I do want to keep on top of power grabs by the would-be rulers, the reality is that those tactics don’t work on the majority of people (excepting the Karens). Not even in Russia and China. Or, the Middle East.

    The fact is – people want to be free to live their lives as THEY see fit. They may, for a time, on the surface, go along with stupid decrees by the Entitled Elite.

    But, behind their backs, they are making fun of them, finding ways to screw with the systems trying to grind them into dust, and finding work-arounds for the rules.

    The flea markets and garage sales happened just when people found themselves with a house filled with unneeded stuff, and an economy that kept the brakes on what they could earn. So, they bypassed the system, and dealt in cash. Which, I’m pretty sure was NOT declared to the IRS or local authorities.

    Americans admire the guys who F**k up the system – Sgt. Bilko, the many anti-heroes of the 1970s, the guy who pulls off a scam on the Rich and Connected. The many mobsters of the 20s and 30s who made their money running booze and robbing banks. When it comes time to find witnesses, it’s amazing how many of them had dust in their eyes and couldn’t manage to see a thing.

    It’s the same in other countries – lies to the authorities are common, black markets flourish, and the locals hang together and dare the authorities to arrest them all.

    The unofficial markets keep the Stupid and Commie Markets from crashing down. And the Heavy Hand of the Official Justice System is tempered by ‘surprising’ results when they try to put the hammer down.

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