A Quick Morning Giggle

     Not long ago, I stumbled over the following bit of cartoon genius:

     ‘Fess up, now: isn’t that just too plausible to dismiss out of hand? I mean, one of my cats sits atop my router several hours per day. And the trucks and the boxes keep arriving. More than coincidence?

     But just a few minutes ago, the C.S.O. had an idea that could illuminate the whole conspiracy. (Yes, we both get up at this obscene hour.) She was musing over how Jeff Bezos is feeling in the wake of Elon Musk’s successful bid to buy Twitter, and spontaneously produced this gem:

CSO: Hey, why don’t we order some cardboard boxes from Amazon?
FWP: (momentarily dazzled by the brilliance of the conception) Do you think they’d come packed in cardboard boxes?
CSO: Full of those little plastic packages of sealed air!
FWP: Of course! Wouldn’t want them to get damaged in transit!

     My sweetie is a genius, I tell you. Makes a terrific meat loaf, too!