Stolen From Bookworm

     Simply this:

     It says a lot, doesn’t it? And for the cherry on top, those illustrious names are all white males. No wonder the activist identity groups are up in arms about them.

     White men invented the modern world. The lunatics raving about “cultural appropriation” would prefer that you not notice that. Just a quick reminder with which to kick-start your 30th of April.

     (P.S.: Don’t forget to mount the hex signs and double-lock the doors before sunset! This is Walpurgisnacht, you know.)

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  1. Outstanding. At the risk of repeating myself here, I find it astonishing that physicians who urged the use of Ivermectin, HCQ, vitamin D, and zinc, inter alia, or who questioned the party line on the plandemic were vilified, fired, or threatened with loss of licensure yet physicians who (1) conduct abortions, (2) slice off genitalia and adolescent breasts while ignoring clear evidence of psychological disorder, or (3) urge the administration of an untested and clearly highly dangerous “vaccine,” even for very young children, are unmolested by the medical and political establishments.

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