Someone Else Finally Gets It!

     And who would that paragon be, I hear you ask?

     SJWs do not think about what your company is making. They can give a rat about your company’s actual mission or whether it makes a profit or even remains in business.

     SJWs come into your company with only one goal: To spread the SJW religion and force it on others. And they will gladly destroy your company if it permits them to inflict the cult of identity politics on just one unwilling person.

     This is gospel truth: the Gospel of the Political Dynamic according to St. Fran. And every business owner had better recognize it and start “discriminating” on the basis of political orientation. Better to be late to the party than to arrive just after the doors have been padlocked and the cleaning crew has hauled the shredder bags to the curb.


    • Old Bill in TN on June 7, 2022 at 5:12 AM

    I agree with all you said. There is a further problem to recognize: the community of business executives is largely dominated by wokeness.

    CEOs, VPs, etc are as fashion/trend/fad driven as a pack of debutants. They preen for each other trying to be the Best Among the Best. This almost always includes genuflecting to woke doctrine because it’s easy, and there’s no downside (unless you include the financial ruin of their companies). So far the “Go Woke / Go Broke” phenomenon is blithely written off as the unpredictable vagarities of having to market to the Great Unwashed. It grants them something like martyr status among their peers.

    They are very intelligent, self deceived fools, living in a dreamworld. Reality occasionally strikes one offering an object lesson to the rest, but they are largely proof against such. ….perhaps they’re a microcosm of Humanity at large in that. Pity them, but also we who must try to earn a living under their …”leadership”.

  1. And, yet, pushback from franchisees, employees, and customers has been accelerating. They can TRY to impose their agenda by fiat, but it is getting increasingly difficult.

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