This one just took place:

FWP: Say, is Jamie Lee Curtis related to Tony Curtis? [spoiler alert: she’s his daughter]
CSO: Why do you expect me to know?

FWP: You’re the one who reads Entertainment Weekly.
CSO: That subscription was by mistake!
FWP: Yeah yeah, but you read it anyway.
CSO: I don’t know. I have enough trouble keeping up with the Kardashians.

FWP: Ha! The ultimate “famous for being famous” celebrities. How’d they get rich, anyway?
CSO: They had that TV show, and people literally sent them stuff.
FWP: Weren’t they rich before that?
CSO: Ah, yeah. The father was one of O.J. Simpson’s lawyers.

FWP: Aha! A very special specialty! A lawyer who represents only celebrities!
CSO: Well, why not? There are lawyers who only do tax work—
FWP: Lawyers who only do corporation law—
CSO: And lawyers who only do criminal defense—
FWP: And lawyers who are criminals themselves.
CSO: (grimaces) Yeah.

FWP: How big a celebrity do you have to be to be represented by a celebrity lawyer?
CSO: Got to have at least one national award.
FWP: An Oscar?
CSO: That would do it. But no lower down than Best Supporting.
FWP: What about somebody who was nominated but didn’t win?
CSO: Maybe if he was nominated twice.
FWP: (snorts)

     Never fear, Gentle Reader. When you reach your seventies, you’ll have conversations like this, too. Assuming you married well enough, anyway.