Prime Ministers Just Wanna Have Fun?

     Well, maybe. Consider Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin:

     Finland’s Prime Minister is Sanna Marin, 36 years old and pretty. Over the last week or so, Marin has been caught up in a series of scandals–or are they pseudo-scandals? What is clear is that she likes to party, while her husband apparently doesn’t.

     John Hinderaker asks the critical questions:

     What do you think? A chief executive’s private life is no one else’s business? Government officials should maintain a minimal level of propriety, at least in public? Anything is permitted, except partying with social media influencers? Or maybe, a Finnish Prime Minister shouldn’t do anything that might encourage the Russians to invade on a Saturday night?

     I’ll take both sides of all those questions except for the last of them. But then, when it comes to relations with Russia, the Finns may not need our advice. And anyway, wouldn’t the world be a better place if chief executives everywhere spent their free time the way Sanna Marin does?