Life really is getting too complicated for the average schlump:

FWP: Say, you know those fancy plug-‘em-in massage chairs? The kind that cost three of four thousand dollars?
CSO: Yeah…

FWP: What do you do if yours breaks down?
CSO: Hm.

FWP: Do you think there’s an industry of massage chair repairers?
CSO: I wouldn’t be surprised. They’re also used commercially, you know.

FWP: That’s right! Storefronts where you can sit in one for a few dollars an hour. So there must be repairmen who’ll come to you. I mean, you wouldn’t want to have to box yours up and mail it back to the manufacturer, right?
CSO: You’d need a pretty big box.

FWP: Well, you could use the one it came in. They do come in a box. But keeping the packaging around just in case would be a bitch.
CSO: To say nothing of all the Styrofoam peanuts.
FWP: Please God, NO!