True Or False?

     “Each profession seeks to do what they exist to do. If there are professional politicians they will seek as much power as they can grasp. If there are professional soldiers they will find something to fight and they will do whatever the people who pay them want.”

     [Mackey Chandler, April]

     That may not be exactly so at or near the creation of a profession, but as time marches on…I’m leaning toward true. What say you, Gentle Reader?


    • Mark on December 28, 2022 at 8:48 AM

    Maybe not true for EVERY profession, but nothing could be more true for these two. Both are created for the end purpose by the evil participants, or politicians, who claim the necessity of a government. They monopolize their power through taxes to buy their professional soldiers ( including police), to force their will on everyone else, but mostly to protect the politicians. Simple observations of history prove this to be true of ANY form of “government”. And we call it freedom

    • OneGuy on December 28, 2022 at 10:11 AM

    It’s even worse because those people who wish to exploit these organizations work hard to exclude others who prefer a more democratic and just outcome.  These organizations become discriminatory and self replicating.  An example; LGBQT people will continue to swell the ranks of teachers simply because they want to teach LGBQT to children.  And the LGBQT teachers will try to push out the “normal” teachers using false and exaggerated claims of discrimination towards them.

    1. Why it’s almost as if Robert Conquest understood the wider application of Gresham’s Law when he propounded his second law of politics. That that combination is reflected in your observation of such selfish intentions serves as further evidence of his prescience.

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